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All-California Sacred Harp Singing Convention

Templars Hall, Old Poway Park, Poway, California

January 19-20, 2013

Saturday, January 19

The 25th annual All-California Sacred Harp Singing Convention was called to order by Rebecca Edwards and Carolyn Deacy leading 47t. Anitra Kaye offered the opening prayer.

A business meeting was held with the following officers elected: Chairperson—Jerry Schreiber; Vice Chairperson—Jeff Begley; Secretary—Mary Linn Bergstrom.

Jerry Schreiber introduced Stuart Ivey, who taught a singing school, leading portions of 143, 277, 412, 49t, 39t, 30t, 49b, 45t, 46, 64, 31t, 198, 59, 542 and 438, among others.


Jeff Begley led 37t to bring the class back to order. At the conclusion of the singing school, David Olson led 59. Leaders: Carla Smith 52b; Clinton Davis 61; David Olson 34b; Judy Getrich 350; Linda Domholt 348t; Susanna Ball 66; Jeri Segal 142; Midge Harder 532; Mimi Wright 410b; Steven Toriello 86; Carroll Lunsford 92; Betsy Jeronen 522; Sean Francis Conway 33b; Michael Kaye 72b; Marilyn Murata 200; Michael McKernan 276; Robyn Hansen 203; Judy Van Duzer 193; Linda Booth 198; Aaron Kahn 209; Jerry Schreiber 536. Steve Rogers led 49t, and Anitra Kaye offered grace for the noon meal.


Jeff Begley called the class together by leading 144. Leaders: Steve Helwig 158; Laura Boyd Russell 327; Linda Selph 216; Hal Eisen 548; Stuart Ivey 67; Karen Willard and Liz Francis 483; Carri Grindon 270; Jon Giles 189; Anne Heider 273; Rick Russell 183; Julian Damashek 196; Susan Cherones 107; Rebecca Edwards 197; Steve Warner 168; Steve Rogers 68b; Bruce Hayes 250; Erika Roush 504; Mary Rose O’Leary 300; Pat Keating 411; Norma Ruptier 84.


Erika Roush led 128 to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Al Grindon 523; Mairye Bates 112; Clarissa Fetrow 419; Eric Xu 328; Beth Atkinson and Eric Xu 114; Karen Stingle 318; Ellen Collins 159; Catie Van Duzer 280; Stephen O’Leary 497; Melissa Stephenson 179; Tommy Hill 148; Anita Landis 378t; Betty Herman 65; Shelley Phillips 58; Lindy Groening 335; Lauren Stoebel 47b; Maggie Dougher 122; Lucy O’Leary and Rachel O’Leary 215.

Jerry Schreiber led 323t as the closing song. Anitra Kaye offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

An Alternative/Eclectic Singing followed, coordinated by Susan Willis-Powers. The Evening Social featured music by the G Burns Jug Band.

Sunday, January 20

Jerry Schreiber brought the Sunday session to order leading 212. The opening prayer was offered by Anitra Kaye.

Leaders: Jeff Begley 421; Claire Simon 31t; Midge Harder 184; Betty Herman 442; Erika Roush 481; Anitra Kaye 515; Pat Keating 528; Clarissa Fetrow 37b; Norma Ruptier 40; Rebecca Edwards 283; Marilyn Murata 485; Sarah Holden 472; Ellen Collins 268; Rick Russell 173; Anne Heider 236; Marion Black 192; Linda Selph 490.


Jeri Segal called the class back to order by leading 277. Leaders: Laura Boyd Russell 228; Carroll Lunsford 556; Susanna Ball 178; Hal Eisen 176b; Michael Kaye 146; Stuart Ivey 456; Michael McKernan 324; Maggie Dougher 82t; Julian Damashek 486; Karen Stingle 163b; Jerry Schreiber 454; Jeri Segal 274t; Steve Helwig 208; Clinton Davis 170; Bruce Hayes 151; Melissa Stephenson 138t.


Rick Russell brought the class back to order by leading 52t. Leaders: Karen Willard 541; Tommy Hill 299; Susan Cherones 186; Betsy Jeronen 392; Shelley Phillips 448t; Steve Rogers 547; Catie Van Duzer 354t; Mary Rose O’Leary 290; Linda Booth 397; Stephen O’Leary 340; Mimi Wright 284; Eric Xu and Clarissa Fetrow 445.

Mimi Wright and Steve Warner conducted the memorial lesson. Mimi Wright spoke of the sick and shut-ins, and read the following names: Anslem Hollo, John Schafler, John Brook, Paige Winslett, Rich Tavares, Mane Campbell, Fumie Murata, Shisue Sugimoto, Alva Lane, Leola Doerge, Mike Demenno, The Autism Class, (room 8, Darby School), Barbara Willard, Lois H. Kahn-Fever, Sean Francis Conway, and Eddie Feigner. She then led 430 in their honor.

Steve Warner spoke of those who had died and read the poem No Man Is an Island, by John Donne. He led 376 in memory of the following deceased: Tom Schultz—Ontario, Canada; Dominic Ziegler, Joda Harington, Chuck Patterson, Roy Futscher, Thomas ‘Sonny’ Ozbirn, Freddy Ramirez, Olaf Gaylor Shipstead, Evelyn Hacket, Mike Tupper, Kevin Henderson—California; Jeanne Schaffer—Colorado; Pembroke Berry and Richard Aronson—Florida; Lee Steinmetz and Phil Trier—Illinois; Lonnie Rogers—Georgia;; Louis Rosenberg, Joseph Goldberg, Steve Mendelssohn, Joseph P. Murphy—New York; Anne Dhu McLucas, Linda Holsing—Oregon; Albert Smolover—Pennsylvania; Bonnie Libby—Virginia; Nancy Jane Lanham—West Virginia; Scott and Theresa Bushnell. Karen Willard offered a prayer.

Leaders: Carolyn Deacy 95; Carla Smith 134. Anitra Kaye offered grace for lunch.


The afternoon session was called to order by Karen Willard leading 85. Leaders: Judy Getrich 312b; Lucy O’Leary 475; Jon Giles 573; Aaron Kahn 410t; Rachel O’Leary 77t; Eric Xu 505; Stuart Ivey 492; Julian Damashek 444; Laura Boyd Russell 543; Karen Willard 550; Linda Selph 384; Pat Keating 377; Steve Helwig 133; Rick Russell 349; Rebecca Edwards 70b; Betsy Jeronen 440; Judy Van Duzer 344; Hal Eisen 404; Catie Van Duzer 102.


The class was called back to order by Clarissa Fetrow leading 29t. Leaders: Jerry Schreiber and Meghann Welsh 455; Robyn Hansen 71; Susan Cherones 74b; Claire Simon 504; Steve Rogers 38t; Michael Kaye 480; Mary Rose O’Leary 436; Shelley Phillips 269; Bruce Hayes 174; Maggie Dougher 117; Karen Willard and Rodney Willard 49b; Stuart Ivey 171.

Carroll Lunsford and Steve Rogers read the resolutions statement expressing gratitude to God for bringing the group together safely for two beautiful days of singing. They especially acknowledged Carolyn Deacy, who organized the first All-California Singing 25 years ago, and who served on the Arranging Committee today, as well as Stuart Ivey for traveling from Alabama and presenting a singing school on the rudiments to Sacred Harp singing. Mairye Bates was thanked for the beautiful fans she supplied. Appreciation was expressed for the City of Poway, and the San Diego Folk Heritage Society, and all the contributions of the local singers, including abundant and delicious food.

Mairye Bates reported that expenses had been met. Mary Linn Bergstrom reported that 141 songs had been led by 71 leaders, and that singers from all over California welcomed singers from 10 other states and 2 countries.

Announcements were made. All present were encouraged to plan on attending the 2014 All-California Singing in the Los Angeles area. Jerry Schreiber led 347 as the closing song. Anitra Kaye offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairperson—Jerry Schreiber; Vice Chairperson—Jeff Begley; Secretary—Mary Linn Bergstrom