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Duluth All-Day Singing

Friends Meeting House, Duluth, Minnesota

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The 2nd annual Duluth All-Day Singing was called to order by Leslie Williamson White and Bonnie Ambrosi leading 52t. Bonnie Ambrosi offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Carol Crawford 37b; Karen Swenson 32t; Jeanette Nelson 171; Midge Olsen 474; Steve Luttinen 270; Nancy Koester 285t; Charlie Obert 299; Eleanor Haase 272; Jim Pfau 430; Hans Guttmann 480; Claudia Egelhoff 77b; Ray Cott-Meissel 49t; Steve Copeland 84; Martha Henderson 455; Laura Wolden 146; Matt Wells 547; Gordon Olsen 39t.


The class was called back together by Jim Pfau leading 148. Leaders: Paul Wyatt 144; Kristine Peterson 178; Christine Stevens 159; Noelle Copeland 448t; Cathy Lutz 344; Janell Draper 72b; Bill Waddington 362; Angie Payne 31t; Joel Setterholm 49b; Denise Kania 142; Stacey Berkheimer 34t; Hans Guttmann 282; Steve Luttinen 277; Gordon Olsen 86; Nancy Koester 384; Eleanor Haase 352; Steve Copeland 454; Bonnie Ambrosi 312t; Leslie Williamson White 59. Bonnie Ambrosi said grace before the noon meal.


Steve Luttinen led 145b to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Midge Olsen 198; Kevin Bullock 195; Laura Wolden 350; Matt Wells 383; Karen Swenson 500; Martha Henderson 65; Jeanette Nelson 472; Claudia Egelhoff 485; Charlie Obert 276; Carol Crawford 280; Jim Pfau 460; Angie Payne 287; Noelle Copeland 290; Paul Wyatt 105; Stacey Berkheimer 551; Bill Waddington 217; Joel Setterholm 106; Christine Stevens 542; Janell Draper 121; Steve Copeland 349; Kristine Peterson 162; Cathy Lutz 532; Leslie Williamson White 163b.


The class was called together by Charlie Obert leading 155. Leaders: Eleanor Haase 442; Nancy Koester 481.

Hans Guttmann spoke for the sick and shut-ins and the deceased, noting how Sacred Harp binds us together as a loving family, and reminding us to give our loved ones roses while they live. The sick and shut-ins remembered were as follows: Val Eng, Curtis Owen, Christine Smith, and Ruth Smith. The deceased remembered were as follows: William C. Friday—North Carolina; Nancy Landkamer—Oregon; Ann Riemermann, Margaret McCutchan, Joan Fritz, Bill Smith, Margaret Peterson, and Lyle Christianson—Minnesota; Mary Yousten—Wisconsin; Harrison Creel—Alabama; John Merritt—Mississippi; and those who have died from the violence in Syria. Hans led 340 and 499b. Bonnie Ambrosi offered a prayer.

Leaders: Stacey Berkheimer 230; Martha Henderson 64; Ray Cott-Meissel 38t; Claudia Egelhoff 464; Midge Olsen 218; Paul Wyatt 456; Denise Kania 203; Kevin Bullock 66; Bonnie Ambrosi 503; Karen Swenson 556; Kristine Peterson 452; Laura Wolden 49b; Cathy Lutz 99; Angie Payne 77t; Jeanette Nelson 475; Noelle Copeland 236; Leslie Williamson White 504.

The class bid each other a fond Christian’s Farewell as Leslie Williamson White and Bonnie Ambrosi led 347. Bonnie Ambrosi offered the closing prayer.

Co-chairpersons—Leslie Williamson White and Bonnie Ambrosi; Secretary—Bonnie Ambrosi