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Maine All-Day Singing

The Old Town House, Union, Maine

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The 10th session of the Maine All-Day Singing held on Saturday before the last Sunday in July was called to order by Kathe Pilibosian leading 33b. Dan Purdy offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Pleasance Crawford 389; Elizabeth Stoddard 39t; Bobbie Goodell 228; Chuck Crawford and Scott Luscombe 203; Corrone Bryant 73b; Edith Berger 162; Chris Holley 268; Robert Stoddard 399b; Pat Callahan 90; Willis McCumber 506; Joanne Fuller 505; Dan Adams 179; Liz Cantrell 456; James Page 168; Masti-Denise Mayrand 125; Scott Luscombe 110; Mary Skidmore 111b; Bruce Voyles 146; Celia Devine 362; Somen Goodman 569 (t? b?); Yael Tarshish 384.

The following officers were appointed or elected to serve: Chairperson—Kathe Pilibosian; Treasurer—Robert Stoddard; Arranging Officer—Elizabeth Stoddard; Secretary—Pleasance Crawford.


Ian Quinn called the class back together by leading 111t. Leaders: Anne Kazlauskas 288; Terry Ryan 556; Robert Stoddard 205; Bill Holt 224; Natalie Jablonski 213b; Benjamin Bath 192; Carly Goss 500; Chris Noren 424.

Joanne Fuller and Mary Jo Shafer conducted the memorial lesson. Joanne Fuller urged the class to reach out to the sick and shut-ins, and then read the following names: Chuck Micciche, Bob Scorgie, Bob Anderson, John Pratt, Trudie Kazlauskas, Jean Ayotte, Ian Ludden, and Peter Golden. She led 460 in their honor.

Mary Jo Shafer spoke about death and loss, and then read the names of the following deceased: Danya Klie, Frances (Franny) Bliss, Bruce Wallace, James Kempton Tobey—Maine; Phillip Bodard, Neil Courmier, Carl Houey, Dennis Linehan, Poppy Gregory—Massachusetts; Tom Shultz—Ontario; John Merritt—Mississippi; Lonnie Rogers—Georgia; Joseph Ost—Kansas; Nora Miller—Iowa; Marie Ivey—Alabama. She led 235 in their memory. Liz Cantrell closed the memorial lesson with a prayer.

Leaders; Paula Picton 216; Leonard Spencer 95; Aldo Ceresa 297; Christina Wallin 270; Steve Cackley 359; Ian Quinn 369. Corrone Bryant offered the blessing before the noon meal.


Christina Wallin called the afternoon session to order by leading 31t. Leaders: Mary Jo Shafer 72b; Nathan Zweig 145b; Hal Booth 178; Pat Callahan 296; Bill Holt 383; Mary Skidmore 474; Benjamin Bath 411; Paula Picton 419; Sumner Roberts 141; James Page 193; Natalie Jablonski 196; Ian Quinn 458; Carly Goss and Chris Noren 507; Liz Cantrell 442; Sumner Roberts 141; Yael Tarshish 440; Anne Kazlauskas 195; Leonard Spencer 245; Dan Adams 376; Celia Devine 312b.


Terry Ryan called the class back together by leading 105. Leaders: Willis McCumber 210; Andal Sundaramurthy 455; Bruce Voyles 163b; Masti-Denise Mayrand 133; Scott Luscombe 532; Christina Wallin 318; Robert Stoddard 309; Joanne Fuller 406; Aldo Ceresa 156; Pleasance Crawford 550; Corrone Bryant 99; Bobbie Goodell 496; Sumner Roberts 98; Chuck Crawford 480; Edith Berger 282; Terry Ryan 198; Elizabeth Stoddard 454.

In a short business meeting, reports were made. The Treasurer announced that nearly all expenses had been met. The Secretary reported that 60 registered singers came from all six New England states, plus Indiana, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Virginia, Wisconsin, and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec, and that 40 leaders led 82 songs. Elizabeth Stoddard was elected chairperson of the 2013 Maine All-Day Singing. Announcements were made.

Chris Holley and others led 436 (for Peter Golden). Kathe Pilibosian led 382 as the closing song. Paula Picton offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairperson—Kathe Pilibosian; Secretary—Pleasance Crawford