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Marilou and Don Jolly Memorial Singing

Poway, California

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The 16th annual Marilou and Don Jolly Memorial singing was called to order by Susanna Ball leading 34b. Sue Scott offered the opening prayer, and dedicated the singing to the memory of those absent in body but present in spirit, Marilou and Don Jolly.

A business meeting was held and the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Carroll Lunsford; Vice Chairperson—Midge Harder; Secretaries—Mary Linn Bergstrom and Susan Willis-Powers; Treasurer—Mairye Bates; Chaplain—Sue Scott; Arranging Committee—Susanna Ball and Carla Smith; Resolutions Committee—Tom Booth and Jerry Schreiber.

Leaders: Carroll Lunsford 176t; Jerry Schreiber 66; Midge Harder 477; Roz Foster and Kellyn Sanderson 384; Susanna Ball 178; Mairye Bates 473; Sean Francis Conway 48b; Mimi Wright 410b; Carla Smith 213t; Karen Huss 454; Lisa Klopp 63; Rick Russell 29t; Linda Booth 198; Linda Domholz 235.


The class was brought back together by Laura Boyd Russell leading 52t. Leaders: Robin Woolner 163b; John Marr 457; Jeff Begley 534; Ron Huss 351; Jeri Segal 277; Johanna Fabke 472; Robyn Hansen 203; Linda Selph 336; Laura Boyd Russell 337; Jerry Schreiber 362; Mairye Bates 59; Midge Harder 282; Carroll Lunsford 426t; Susanna Ball 148.


The class was brought back together by Jerry Schreiber and Tom Booth leading 535. Leaders: Mimi Wright 284; Steven Tee 71; Sean Francis Conway 33b; Roz Foster, Kellyn Sanderson, and Sean Francis Conway 47b; Mairye Bates and Midge Harder 335; Carla Smith 532 (Don Jolly’s favorite); John Marr 186; Ron Huss 549 (dedicated to Alex Ruggieri); Linda Domholz 49b. Sue Scott offered grace before the noon meal.


The class was called back to order by Jerry Schreiber and Mike Kler leading 159. Leaders: Robin Woolner 274t; Karen Huss 236; Linda Selph 215; Rick Russell 149; Linda Booth 196; Laura Boyd Russell 61; Mary Linn Bergstrom 556; Jeff Begley 481; Jeri Segal 538; Sean Francis Conway 163t; Johanna Fabke 84; Robyn Hansen 112; Jerry Schreiber 254; Cynthia Robertson 28b; Midge Harder 245.


The class was brought back together by Sean Francis Conway leading 31t. Leaders: Mairye Bates and Jerry Schreiber 36b; Carroll Lunsford 111b; Steven Tee 38b; Susanna Ball 446; Carla Smith 35; Mimi Wright 267; John Marr 400; Carla Smith and Susan Willis-Powers 344; Mary Linn Bergstrom 424; Ron Huss 486; Linda Domholz 268; Robin Woolner 323b.


The class was brought back together by Midge Harder leading 224. Leaders: Karen Huss 303; Linda Selph 58; Johanna Fabke 129; Linda Booth and Linda Kler 45t; Steven Tee 107; Rick Russell 52b; Jeff Begley 47t; Laura Boyd Russell 448b; Robyn Hansen 48t; Jeri Segal 142.

The Chairman and Resolutions Committee offered thanks to everyone who helped make the singing a success. Mairye Bates gave the report of the treasurer. Announcements were made.

Carroll Lunsford led 62 as the closing song. Sue Scott offered a closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Carroll Lunsford; Vice Chairperson—Midge Harder; Secretaries—Mary Linn Bergstrom and Susan Willis-Powers