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Kentucky State Sacred Harp Singing

Pisgah Presbyterian Church, Versailles, Kentucky

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The 31st annual Kentucky State Sacred Harp Singing was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Keith MacAdam. Jim Thobaben offered the opening prayer. The Sacred Harp, 1991Edition and Southern Harmony were used throughout the day.

Leaders: Darrell Swarens 72b; Mike Grimes 82t; Alana Boltz 178; Bob Sears 147t; Sheila Patterson 47t; Grace Patterson 47b; Sara Birnbaum 523; Charles Coulston 299; Nikos Pappas 182; Keith MacAdam 85; Ray Rechenberg 40; Sarah Trumbore 59; Peter Trumbore 39t; Zack Davis 322 (SoH); Elizabeth Rechenberg 106; Rafi Finkel 66; Keith MacAdam 155.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman and Treasurer—Charles H. Coulston; Organizing Committee—Ron Pen, Raphael Finkel, and Keith MacAdam; Secretary—Mary Brinkman.


The class was called back to order by Darrel Swarens leading 341. Leaders: Tim Morton 203; Johanna Sims 383; Joel Deckard 163t; Mike Grimes 455; Alana Boltz 148; Tim Morton 278b; Adam Beekin 29t; Bob Sears 45t; Sheila Patterson 35; Grace Patterson 117; Sara Birnbaum 86; Charles Coulston 350; Michele Cull 236; Nikos Pappas 269; Keith MacAdam 569b.


The class was called back to order by Phil Cullum leading 268. Leaders: Ray Rechenberg 300; Sarah Trumbore 154; Annaliza Cull 448t; Peter Trumbore 107; Zack Davis 87 (SoH).

The memorial lesson was conducted by Rafi Finkel. Mary Brinkman led 128 for Elise K. Parsons, Mary Lou Witt, and Karin Bostrom. Elise died in 2012, was from Kentucky, and had been a former singer with our group. Mary Lou died in Florida, in 2011, and Karin Bostrom had been a long-time member of St. Michael’s Church in Lexington, and died in 2012. Peter Trumbore led 209 for Tom Schulz from Ontario, Canada, who died in 2012. Darrell Swarens spoke of Lonnie Rogers, Travis Keeton, John Merritt, Marie Ivey, and Dr. Julietta Haynes, all who died in 2012. He led 267 in their memory. Jim Thobaben memorialized Luke Sheets of Washington, who died in 2012 in a plane crash with some young people, who were on their way to Oral Roberts for a meeting. Jim called 497 for them, led by Keith MacAdam. Joy Dunn spoke about Rosebud Dunn of Kentucky, and Geraldine and Ruthie Rose of Tennessee, all who died in 2011. Rafi Finkel remembered Maurice Sendak, New York, who died just a few weeks ago, and led 528. The blessing before lunch was offered by Jim Thobaben.


The afternoon session was convened by Rafi Finkel. Leaders: Bobette Olson 146; Susan Zurcher 535; Darrell Swarens 436; Tim Morton 558; Johanna Sims 159; Jules Eckart 313t; Bob French 496; Alana Boltz 338; Bob Sears 87; Sheila Patterson 84; Grace Patterson 504; Sara Birnbaum 218; Charles Coulston 344; Michele Cull 168; Nikos Pappas 149; Keith MacAdam 31t; Sara Birnbaum 457 (for Mary Brinkman).


The class was called back to order by Rafi Finkel leading “Lansdowne”. Leaders: Keith MacAdam 52t; Ray Rechenberg 426b; Sarah Trumbore 252 (?); Annaliza Cull and Rebecca 82t; Peter Trumbore 277; Zack Davis 547; Laura Lee Earles 347; Bobette Olson 410t; Susan Zurcher 99; Darrell Swarens 210; Nikos Pappas 524; Zack Davis 16 (SoH); Nikos Pappas 80t; Sheila Patterson 335.

An announcement was made about the singing at the Cane Ridge Meeting House the following day outside of Paris, Kentucky. The singing concluded with Rafi Finkel leading 267, while the class took the parting hand.

Chairman—Charles H. Coulston; Secretary—Mary Brinkman