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Vermont All-Day Sacred Harp Singing

First Congregational Church, Burlington, Vermont

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The 32nd annual Vermont Sacred Harp Singing was held at the First Congregational Church in Burlington, Vermont. Pete Sutherland called the class to order at 10:00 a.m. by leading 31t. Kerry Cullinan gave the welcome and introduction. The opening prayer was offered by Joseph Pensak.

Leaders: Paul Gauthier 40; Corinne Ducey 107; Faiz Wareh 49t; Tom Malone 318; Somen Goodman 86; Joanne Fuller 176b; Harry Scott 99; Bill Holt 129; Mary Skidmore 481; Dan Hertzler 480; Ines Lüttgen 74b; Patricia Callahan 354t; Earl Kipp 410t; Judy Carpenter 38t; Tarik Wareh 53; Willis McCumber 181; Ian Ludders 228; Debby Moody 189; Joel Morel 209; Mark Williams 299.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Kerry Cullinan; Treasurer—Marsha Camp; Chaplain—Joseph Pensak; Arranging Committee—Ian Smiley, Ben Sachs Hamilton, Tom Malone, and Paul Gauthier; Secretary—Sarah Woodward.


Paul Gauthier called the class to order leading 84. Leaders: Naomi Washer 312b; Abraham Rinehart 282; Ben Zucker 146; Lynnette Coomb 163b; Leonard Spencer 320; George Pomfret 168; Elliot Cash 504; Janet Anderson 56b; Elka Schumann 127; Sonia Kissin 455; Carole Dempsey 114; David Black 106; Jacob Flaningan 476; Mary Jo Shafer 72b; Chelsea Rose Sargent 347; Masti-Denise Mayrand 108b; Kestrel Slocombe 155; Jacob Flanigan 198; Ben Sachs Hamilton 344; Deanna Anderson 203; Peggy White 254; Ben Sachs Hamilton 49b.

Lauren Hamilton led 178 for the following sick and shut-ins: Mabel Schroeder, Mitch Kessler, Mary Schieber, Aubrey Wagner, Kyla Werlin, Michael Swaydnor, Sarah Ruth Hewitt, Jean Ayotte, Patricia Cook, Riley Skinner, Zach Ossefort, and Catherine Dembauski.

Dan Hertzler led 499 in loving memory of the following deceased: Arthur Ludlow, Blair Hamilton, Zack Frates, Joseph Pensak, Dee Corkins, Elaine Dearborn, Peggy Porter, Helen Wight, Polly Howlett, and Louise Marsh—Vermont; Julie Holbrook, Phillip Bedard, and Dennis Linehan—Massachusetts; Ross Legler—New Hampshire; Marianne Marks—Tennessee; Antoine Capitani—France. Dan Hertzler offered prayer to close the memorial service.

Leaders: Johno Landsman 268; Sarah Woodward 47b. Joseph Pensak offered the blessing before the noon meal.


Bill Holt called the class to order leading 87. Leaders: Avery Book 290; Glenn Patterson 112; Willis McCumber 383; Pete Sutherland 37b; Mary Skidmore 567; Corinne Ducey 111b; Lauren Hamilton 183; Ines Lüttgen 373; Kestrel Slocombe 503; George Pomfret 236; Bill Holt 269; Ian Smiley and Chelsea Sargent 39t; Dan Hertzler 528; Paul Gauthier 362; Olivia Zubrowski 159; Rebecca Blumenthal and Naomi Washer 457; David Black 460; Patricia Callahan 498; Sonia Kissin 335; Joanne Fuller 439; Ian Ludders 83b.


The class was called to order and announcements were made. Leaders: Ian Smiley 430; Mark Williams 474; Earl Kipp 454; Mary Jo Shafer 101t; Joel Morel 38b; Debby Moody 294; Lynnette Combs 300; Isabelle G. Chapman 105; Deanna Anderson 551; Leonard Spencer 260; Janet Anderson 351; Tarik Wareh 274t; Judy Carpenter 48t; Sarah Woodward 117; Judy Carpenter 65; Claire Hogan 68t; Tom Malone 475; Maria Schuman 43; Harry Scott 180.

A business session was conducted. A motion passed to allow that collected funds in excess of the expense for the day be used to pay for further singings. A second motion passed providing that the 2013 Vermont All-Day Sacred Harp Singing tentatively be held in Bennington on the third Saturday in March. The Secretary reported that 144 singers from 11 states, provinces, or countries registered for the event and that a total of 88 songs were led.

Kerry Cullinan led 62 as the closing song. Mark Williams offered the closing prayer. Kerry Cullinan expressed thanks to all that offered their gifts and volunteered time to make the event possible, and dismissed the class.

Chairman—Kerry Cullinan; Secretary—Sarah Woodward