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Holmfirth Sacred Harp Day

Wooldale Community Centre, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The 8th session of the Holmfirth Sacred Harp Day was held at Wooldale Community Centre in the Pennine Hills near Holmfirth in Yorkshire on the last Saturday of March. Maria Wallace began the day by leading 159. Helen Brown offered the opening prayer. Helen then conducted a short singing school in which she led 34b and 39t.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Maria Wallace; Secretary—Judy Whiting.


Benny Ross called the class to order by leading 105. Leaders: Judy Whiting 503; Ewan Paterson 49b; Sarah West 31b; Joe Vickers 131t; Sarah Hill 36b; Ted Brown 33b; Cath Tyler 61; Peter Knudson 515; Lin James 48t; Phil Tyler 160b; Helen Brown 278t; Chris Brown 271t; Maria Wallace 183; Joe Vickers 31t; Sarah West 86; Anna Baldini 146; Benny Ross 212; Judy Whiting 466. Joe Vickers offered a prayer for the shared meal.


Helen Brown called the class to order by leading 34b. Leaders: Ewan Paterson 277; Sarah Hill 177; Phil Tyler 290; Anna Baldini 178; Ted Brown 35; Chris Brown 47b; Cath Tyler 419; Lin James 131b.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Cath Ingham remembering the following deceased: Gordon Corrick—Hull; Travis Keeton, Marie Ivey, Lonnie Rogers—USA; Joe Reynolds—Denmead; Sam Hiller, and Tony Goodall.

She also spoke for the following sick and housebound: Brenda Grimshaw, Tony Parkinson, Eugene Forbes, Shaney Wicks, Roy Payne, Jill Kirby, Maureen Gamlin, Cath Saunt, Myrtle Anne Ballard, Jerry Gaskill, and Hannah Land. Cath Ingham and Colin Higgins led 457.

Leaders: Maria Wallace 445; Joe Vickers 70t; Sarah West 498; Peter Knudson 148; Judy Whiting 72b; Benny Ross 473; Helen Brown 228; Ewan Paterson 274t; Chris Brown 128.


Ted Brown led 81t to call the class to order. Leaders: Cath Tyler 441; Sarah Hill 163t; Phil Tyler 344; Anna Baldini 117; Ewan Paterson 282; Sarah West 288; Joe Vickers 276; Cath Tyler and Phil Tyler 217; Sarah Hill 111t; Helen Brown and Ted Brown 546; Benny Ross 475; Anna Baldini 324; Judy Whiting and Chris Brown 47t.

After announcements and reports, it was agreed to meet again on Saturday before the third Sunday in March, 2013. Maria Wallace led 347, and Ted Brown dismissed the class with a closing prayer.

Chairman—Maria Wallace; Secretary—Judy Whiting