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East Sandwich (Formerly Plymouth) All-Day Singing

East Sandwich Friends Meetinghouse, East Sandwich, Massachusetts

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The East Sandwich All-Day Singing was opened by Tom Malone, who conducted a singing school reviewing the rudiments. The following songs were led to illustrate topics in the lesson: 77b, 27, 48t, 48b, 345t, 345b, 299, and 318.


The first session was called to order by Justin Levi leading 49t. Chuck Micciche offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Justin Levi; Secretary—Joanna Lampert; Arranging Officer—Lynne deBenedette; Chaplain—Chuck Micciche.

Leaders: Joanna Lampert 61, 101t; Chuck Micciche 87, 163b; Lynne deBenedette 442, 77t; Elizabeth Stoddard 173, 101b; Tim Hildebrant 236; George Pomfret 38t, 171; Tom Padwa 480, 145b; Sally Langendorf 75, 229; Ed Smith 200; Richard Schmeidler 254. Chuck Micciche offered the dinner blessing.


Paula Picton called the class to order leading 135. Leaders: Kiri Miller 42, 564; Ian Quinn 227, 373; Emma Rose Brown 568, 81t; Richard Ivey 141, 389; Katy Brown 179, 49b; Dana Borrelli Murray 29t, 277; Chris Holley and Kathe Pilibosian 201, 283; Megan Jennings 168, 481; Jeremy Galvagni 105, 112; Liz Cantrell 192, 441; Anne Kazlauskas 466, 532; Tom Malone 291, 462; Pat Callahan 396, 314; James Baumgartner 313b, 454.


Elizabeth Stoddard brought the class to order leading 448b. Leaders: Christina Wallin 26, 117; Nathan Bergman-Dean 504, 268; Kelsey Sunderland 67, 536; Lucy O’Leary 497, 189; Joanne DeVoe 31t, 327; Alvaro Witt Duarte 59, 528; Carrone Bryant and Barb Ames 524; Julie Botnick 176t, 499; Bill Holt 224, 428; Paula Picton 411; Kathe Pilibosian 422; Richard Ivey 426b.

A business session was held. The class resolved to officially change the name of the singing from the Plymouth All-Day Singing to the East Sandwich All-Day Singing. A proposal was heard to move the date of the singing to warmer weather in an effort to make the singing more accessible to local residents. The class resolved to keep the East Sandwich All-Day Singing at its current date, and seek possible dates on which to hold an additional singing school later in the year. These dates will be reviewed at a meeting following the Rhode Island All-Day Singing in April, 2012. The Secretary reported that 37 leaders had led 76 songs. The business session was closed.

Justin Levi led 62 as the closing song. Chuck Micciche dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Justin Levi; Secretary—Joanna Lampert