Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Stapleford All-Day Sacred Harp Singing

St Luke’s Church, Stapleford, Nottingham, United Kingdom

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The annual Stapleford Sacred Harp Singing was called to order by Helen Brown leading 52t. Michael Walker offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairperson—Helen Brown; Arranging Committee—Ian West and Sarah West; Secretary—Margaret Gillanders.

Leaders: Helen Brown 145t; Ian West 479; Margaret Gillanders 171; Ted Brown 225t; Sarah West 370; Chris Brown 138b; Ruth Steggles 48b; Michael McGuigan 108t; Judy Whiting 268b (CB); Michael Walker 303 (CB); Rebecca Over 422t (CB); Aldo Ceresa 68t; Jacqui Selby-Macleod 448t; Hannah Land 98 (CB); Steve Fletcher 376 (CB); David Moore 361; Helen Brown 208; Ian West 392 (CB); Margaret Gillanders 140 (CB); Sarah West 373.


The class was called back together by Ted Brown leading 111b. Leaders: Judy Whiting 466; Michael Walker 456; Jacqui Selby-Macleod 82t; Chris Brown 298; Rebecca Over 172; Michael McGuigan 563 (CB); Ruth Steggles 572 (CB); Aldo Ceresa 101b; Hannah Land 367; Steve Fletcher 131t; David Moore 155; Helen Brown 77t.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Michael Walker. The following deceased were remembered: John Champkin, Joan Sillitoe, Mike Waterson, Marie Ivey (USA), Travis Keeton (USA), Linda Champ, Barbara Crawford, Stan Reeve, Peter Scott, and Joyce Over.

The following sick and housebound were named: Lonnie Rogers, Jeff and Shelbie Sheppard, Rene Greene, Pam Nunn, Maureen Gamlin, Norma Waterson, Brian Butcher, Judy Chambless, Bill Whaley, Tony Parkinson, Maggie Watson, Bob and Jackie Patten, Kathy Armstrong, David Daykin, Anna Baldini, Eric, Elsie Batty, Sylvia Swann, Joe Reynolds, Peter Schoongans, Rachel Jordan, Joan Mattock, and Gordon Corrick.

Michael Walker led 229 for all those named. The memorial lesson was closed with prayer offered by Helen Brown.

Leaders: Ian West 54t (CB); Margaret Gillanders 187; Ted Brown 338; Sarah West 335; Chris Brown 269; Rebecca Over 544 (CB); Michael McGuigan 473 (CB); Judy Whiting 492. Jonathan Stanyon asked the blessing for the mid-day meal.


Hannah Land called the class to order by leading 47t. Leaders: Michael Walker 205; Jacqui Selby-Macleod 131b; Aldo Ceresa 182; Ruth Steggles 198; David Moore 236; Steve Fletcher 133 (CB); Ian West 500; Margaret Gillanders 556; Chris Brown 348t; Helen Brown 365; Rebecca Over 534; Ted Brown 176b; Judy Whiting 34t; Michael McGuigan 31t; Sarah West 421; Hannah Land 71; Aldo Ceresa 431; Ruth Steggles 430; Michael Walker 426b; Jacqui Selby-Macleod 141.


The class was called to order by Ian West leading 575 (CB). Leaders: Steve Fletcher 38t (CB); David Moore 478 (CB); Margaret Gillanders 564; Chris Brown 211; Rebecca Over 340; Ted Brown 97(for Mr. Lonnie); Helen Brown 505 (CB); Judy Whiting 273; Michael McGuigan 68b; Hannah Land 500 (CB); Aldo Ceresa 274t (for Dave Richardson); Sarah West 153; Michael Walker 69 (CB); Ruth Steggles 511t (CB); David Moore 189; Jacqui Selby-Macleod 267; Steve Fletcher 196; Ian West 501; Aldo Ceresa 565.

Following announcements and thanks, Helen Brown led 62 as the closing song. Ted Brown offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Helen Brown; Secretary—Margaret Gillanders