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New York State Sacred Harp Convention

Unity Hall, Barneveld, New York

October 15-16, 2011

Saturday, October 15

The 23rd annual New York State Sacred Harp Singing Convention took place in Unity Hall, Barneveld, New York, on the third Sunday in October and Saturday before. Thom Metzger called the class to order leading 48t. Katie White offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Barbara Swetman 31b; Ron Bornick 454; Margaret Bornick 276; Katherine Collett 84; Joanne Fuller 82t; Gerry Hoffman 42; Scott Luscombe 110; Leon Pulsinelle 86; Melody Johnson 72b; Sally Langendorf 106; Eileen Metzger 129; Ines Lüttgen 215; Ryan Lockwood 547; Lucy Roberts 101t; Patricia Geritz 523; Michael Kaye 28b; Mary Skidmore 299; Virginia Huszagh and Jennifer Phelan 228; Dan Adams 270; Katie White 171; Gillian Inksetter, Judy Simon, and Hannah Harvester 504.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Barbara Swetman; Vice Chairman—Margaret Bornick; Treasurer—Ron Bornick; Secretary—Katherine Collett.


Margaret Bornick called the class back together by leading 497. Leaders: Jean Seiler and Zoë Carpentieri 34b; Dennis Leipold 189; Terry Ryan 198; Paula Picton 269; Chris Haller 267; Susan Bingham 542; Heather Osowiecki 38b; Brian Collett 254; Ron Bornick 63; Stephen Rogers 68b; Bob Wheeler 532; Patricia Callahan 546; Jeffrey Francom 148; Dan Hertzler 505; Anne Kazlauskas 125; Ian Quinn 234; Jacob Hefele 436; Laura Densmore 383. Dan Adams offered grace before the noon meal.


Barbara Swetman called the class to order by leading 35. Leaders: Guy Bankes 137; Eric Bean 324; Hallie Hugues 159; Jerusha Wheeler 361; Jeffrey Francom and students 47b; Thom Metzger 274t; Katherine Collett 40; Joanne Fuller 439; Gerry Hoffman 348t; Scott Luscombe 481; Leon Pulsinelle and Mary Capron 319; Melody Johnson 121; Sally Langendorf 73b; Eileen Metzger 522; Ines Lüttgen 441; Stephen Rogers 328; Ryan Lockwood 184; Lucy Roberts 306; Patricia Geritz 47t; Michael Kaye 178; Mary Skidmore 282.


Leaders: Scott Luscombe 56b; Virginia Huszagh, Hallie Hugues, and Jennifer Phelan 344; Dan Adams 179; Katie White 142; Terry Ryan 193; Susan Bingham 168; Heather Osowiecki 455; Ron Bornick 87; Laura Densmore 430; Patricia Callahan 474; Dan Hertzler 475; Gillian Inksetter 548; Guy Bankes 549; Paula Picton 550; Jean Seiler 209; Ian Quinn 447; Anne Kazlauskas 218; Bob Wheeler 147t.


Dan Adams led 448b to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Margaret Bornick 236; Dennis Leipold and James Hayes 503; Zoë Carpentieri 107; Chris Haller 351; Elizabeth Morgan and Lucy Roberts 186; Barbara Swetman and students from the Utica Singing School 146, 45t; Gerry Hoffman 71; Barbara Swetman 347.

Virginia Huszagh offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, October 16

The Sunday session of the New York State Sacred Harp Singing Convention was called to order by Barbara Swetman leading 59. Dan Adams offered an opening prayer.

Leaders: Barbara Swetman 480; Margaret Bornick 313b; Katherine Collett 315; Ron Bornick 63; Joanne Fuller 29t; Dan Adams 504; Mary Skidmore 472; Terry Ryan 192; Michael Kaye 340; Patricia Callahan 77t; Scott Luscombe and Ines Lüttgen 506; Jerusha Wheeler 196; Lucy Roberts 330t; Jeffrey Francom 433; Jennifer Phelan and Virginia Huszagh 66; Jean Seiler 217; Stephen Rogers 485; Susan Bingham 335; Jacob Hefele 457.


Stephen Rogers brought the class back to order by leading 452. Leaders: Chris Haller 191; Hallie Hugues 49b; Katie White 449; Leon Pulsinelle 70b; Dan Hertzler 153; Ryan Lockwood 27; Jerusha Wheeler 387; Gillian Inksetter 352; Dennis Leipold 300; Gerry Hoffman 279; Melody Johnson 379; Guy Bankes 556; Lucy Roberts 268; Ian Quinn 123b; Sydney Hutchinson Mengel and Paula Picton 377; Anne Kazlauskas 562.


Laura Densmore led 106 to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Eric Bean 285t; Ines Lüttgen 302; Katherine Collett 155.

Melody Johnson and Dan Hertzler conducted the memorial lesson. Melody Johnson spoke and led 143 for the following sick and shut-ins: Joe Ost, Donna Wecera, Theresa Thewes, Aubrey Reese, Marlys Swetman, Shirley Bean, Dot Wornock, John Merritt, Lynda Hambourger, Jim Govola, Doug Lawton, Jessica, Irene Clark, Calvin Schmidt, Sophie Gach, Lou Rosenberg, Al Socolov, Dave Minott, Lawrence Singer, and Lonnie Rogers.

Dan Hertzler spoke and led 229 in memory of the following deceased: Paul T. Metzger, Pearl Kay, Judith Socolov, Virginia Luscombe, Fred Goldhaber, Elnora Tracy, Ruth Morgan, and Hazard Gillespie—New York; Tom Maher and Melinda Bell—Pennsylvania; Geoffrey Liswell—Maryland; Bob Meek—Kentucky; Katherine Keater and Joanne Bowman—Massachusetts; Cecile Lyr—Quebec, Canada; Jane Williamson MacDonald—Maine; Zack Frates—Vermont; Randy Sheppard—Washington; Gonzalo Cienfuegos—Barcelona, Spain; Marie Ivey and Travis Keeton—Alabama; Pat Bishop—Trinidad and Tobago; Eunice Luscombe—New Hampshire; Frank Evans—Virginia. Katie White offered prayer.

Leaders: Joanne Fuller 146; Susan Bingham 311; Mary Skidmore 324; Laura Densmore 163t; Dan Adams 73t; Scott Luscombe 569b. Susan Bingham offered grace before the noon meal.


Barbara Swetman brought the afternoon session to order by leading 312b. Leaders: Michael Kaye 553; Patricia Callahan 451; Jean Seiler 448t; Jeffrey Francom 85; Jason Law 122; Katie White 128; Stephen Rogers 436; Terry Ryan 182; Virginia Huszagh 163b; Ron Bornick 481; Leon Pulsinelle 408; Laura Densmore 384; Gerry Hoffman 216; Gillian Inksetter 200; Ian Quinn 507; Anne Kazlauskas 68t; Guy Bankes 569t.


Leaders: Dan Adams 290; Ryan Lockwood 49t; Melody Johnson 50b; Ines Lüttgen 208; Dennis Leipold 373; Dan Hertzler 445; Elizabeth Morgan and Paula Picton 111t; Margaret Bornick 334; Mary Skidmore 567; Chris Haller 183; Eric Bean 277; Joanne Fuller and Sydney Hutchinson Mengel 176b; Hallie Hugues 278t; Jason Law 34b; Jeffrey Francom and Crane School students 35.

A business meeting was held. The class sang a total of 173 songs over the two days.

Barbara Swetman and officers led 62 as the closing song. Virginia Huszagh offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Barbara Swetman; Vice Chairman—Margaret Bornick; Secretary—Katherine Collett