Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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New Haven All-Day Singing

Connecticut Hall, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The first New Haven Sacred Harp Singing was held on the first Sunday in October. The class was called to order by Ian Quinn leading 38t. Blake Sisemore offered the opening prayer. Ian Quinn welcomed the class and then led 150.

Leaders: Philippa Stoddard 32t; Al McCready 452; Stephanie Fida 36t; Elizabeth Stoddard 39t; Paula Picton 37b; Steven Bzydra 268; Bethany Towne 424; Charles Biada 165; Lynda Paul 183; Kelly House 335; Sam Kleinman 228; Christina Wallin 159; Terry Ryan 280; Rachel Speer 298; Ines Lüttgen 419; Rowan Lupton 299; Pat Callahan 276.


The class was brought back together by Chris Noren leading 186. Leaders: Nancy Mandel 77t; James Baumgartner 454; Carson Evans 162; Jeff Gauthier 250; Mel Novner 440; Linda Shea 278t; Dan Hertzler 358.

A business session was held with the following officers appointed to serve: Chairman—Ian Quinn; Vice Chairman—Philippa Stoddard; Secretary—Stephanie Fida; Treasurer—Al McCready. The Chairman appointed Elizabeth Stoddard as Arranging Officer and Blake Sisemore as Chaplain. The business session was closed.

Leaders: Al McCready 68b; Julie Botnick 480; Chris Noren 503; Carol Huang 134; Peter Golden 324; Robert Stoddard 283; Rachel Speer 270; Darrell Swarens 304; Emily Hancock 217; Michael Thompson 426b; Sonia Chin 505; Blake Sisemore 380; Kiri Miller 44; Aldo Ceresa 216. Robert Stoddard offered the blessing for dinner on the grounds.


Philippa Stoddard brought the afternoon session to order by leading 277. Leaders: Michael Thompson, Nathanael Welch, and Miriam Apalsch 456; Nathalie Levine 288; Peter Golden 36b; Linda Shea 306; Gabriel Kastelle 396; Nancy Mandel 474; Blake Sisemore 556; Ina Shea 158; Jeff Gauthier 362; Darrell Swarens 341; Sonia Chin 42; Dan Hertzler 222; Kamilah Tisdale 472; Terry Ryan 198; Aldo Ceresa 110; Bethany Towne 328; Al McCready 155; Emily Hancock 455; Leonard Spencer 320; Ines Lüttgen 327.


The class was called back to order by Pat Callahan leading 101t. Leaders: Mel Novner 112; Kiri Miller 564; Robert Stoddard 567; Carol Huang 377; Sam Kleinman 189; Kelly House 347; Rowan Lupton 106; Paula Picton 300; Charles Biada 116; Ina Shea 60; James Baumgartner 192; Gabriel Kastelle 70b; Kamilah Tisdale 146; Steven Bzydra 504; Bruce Ward and Stephanie Fida 87; Christina Wallin 457; Chris Noren 67; Pat Callahan 53.

The Treasurer reported that expenses had been met. The Secretary announced that 81 (t? b?) lessons had been led by leaders from 13 states. Announcements were made.

The class took the parting hand as the officers led 62. Al McCready offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Ian Quinn; Vice Chairman—Philippa Stoddard; Secretary—Stephanie Fida