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Pikes Peak Sacred Harp Singing

Chapel of Our Saviour, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The 6th annual Pikes Peak Sacred Harp Singing was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Pete Mathewson leading 31b. The opening prayer was offered by Lance Lloyd.

The singing was organized with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Pete Mathewson; Secretary/Treasurer—Susie Mathewson. Song selections were from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition and the 2006 Cooper Book (CB). A business meeting was held to elect officers for the seventh annual singing to be held on the Saturday before the 4th Sunday in March 2012. Nominated and elected as co-chairpersons were Lance Lloyd and Elyssa Lloyd.

Leaders: Sharon Kermiet 507b (CB); Mary Lou VanLaanen 49b; Mary Campbell 451 (CB); Mallie Kermiet 189; Bonnie Dolan 31t; Karl Dise 55 (CB); Kathryn Eastburn 449 (CB); Les Doggrell 410t; Erik Mason 327; Paul Lindholm 555 (CB); Mo Morrow 312b; Mia Alvarado 163b; Pete Mathewson 141; Sharon Kermiet 380b (CB); Mary Lou VanLaanen 575 (CB); Mallie Kermiet 54t (CB); Bonnie Dolan 432; Karl Dise 353; Kathryn Eastburn 348t (CB); Erik Mason 571 (CB); Paul Lindholm 377; Mo Morrow 159; Mia Alvarado 162.


The singing resumed with Susie Mathewson leading 282. Pete Mathewson spoke briefly on the history of Sacred Harp in Colorado Springs, and read the names of the sick and shut-ins and those of the deceased. Lance Lloyd offered a prayer. Pete Mathewson led 344 (CB) as a memorial.

Leaders: Keeley Sandoval 32t; Arlene Strickland 47t; Katherine Griffis 284; Wynonia Horn 384; Sharon Kermiet 529 (CB); Mary Lou VanLaanen 465 (CB); Bonnie Dolan 454; Karl Dise 168; Kathryn Eastburn 358; Les Doggrell 63; Erik Mason 96 (CB); Paul Lindholm 278t; Susie Mathewson 99; Keeley Sandoval 147t; Arlene Strickland 47b; Katherine Griffis 335; Wynonia Horn 455; Corrie VanDuzer 497; Pete Mathewson 488t (CB). The class sang the dinner grace “Be Present At Our Table Lord”.


Pete Mathewson led 33b to bring the afternoon session to order. Leaders: Sharon Kermiet lined out 588 (OSH Rev12); Gideon Lloyd 34b; Issac Lloyd 86; Elyssa Lloyd 400; Mary Lou VanLaanen 178; Bonnie Dolan 391; Karl Dise 380; Kathryn Eastburn 496; Les Doggrell 135; Erik Mason 300; Paul Lindholm 419; Susie Mathewson 276; Keeley Sandoval 117; Arlene Strickland 45t (CB); Wynonia Horn 112; Corrie VanDuzer 436; Catie VanDuzer 365.


Singing resumed with Pete Mathewson leading 565. Leaders: Sharon Kermiet 542 (CB); Elyssa Lloyd 203; Mary Lou VanLaanen 511t (CB); Issac Lloyd 503; Bonnie Dolan 447; Karl Dise 448b; Kathryn Eastburn 155; Erik Mason 312b; Paul Lindholm 348b; Susie Mathewson 393t (CB); Arlene Strickland 505 (CB); Wynonia Horn 84.

Lance Lloyd offered the closing prayer. Pete Mathewson led 95b (CB) as the closing song.

Chairman—Pete Mathewson; Secretary—Susie Mathewson