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William J. Reynolds Sacred Harp Singing

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The 27th annual Sacred Harp Singing was held in Cowden Hall at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas, on the last Saturday of the month of January. This is the twentieth year that the 1991 Revision of the Sacred Harp has been used. Beverly Coates gave a brief history of Sacred Harp singing, and also led a “how-to” session.

Dr. Tim Studstill welcomed everyone and introduced Dr. John Simons, Associate Dean, Professor of Church Music in the School of Church Music at Southwestern. Dr. Simons welcomed everyone and expressed the school’s appreciation for their attendance. He then introduced members of his class, Congregational Song, whose members were in attendance for the event. Dr. Tim Studstill then introduced Judge Donald Ross who opened with a word of prayer at 9:40 a.m. Dr. Studstill announced information regarding songbooks for sale, and then dismissed everyone for refreshments.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Dr. Tim Studstill; Registration Staff—Angel Curry, Rebecca Redus, and Christy Tull; Secretary—Rebecca Redus.


Dr. Studstill called the morning session to order at 9:50 a.m. He gave a history of Bill Reynolds’s involvement in Sacred Harp and expressed his regret that none of the members of the Reynolds family could be in attendance this year. Leaders: Dr. Tim Studstill 59; Leon Ballinger 313b; Gaylon Powell 107; Cheryl Foreman 229; Grant Howard 73b; Linda Booker 503; Jerry Ryan 274t; Esther Huckaby 335; Trevor Howard 528; Donald Ross 225t; Tammy Powell 542; Robert Vaughn 522; Dr. John Simons 218; Donn Howard 163b; Ryan Ross 280; Jeremy Elliott 203; Josh Rogan 430; Sonny Erwin 391; Beverly Coates 176b; Chelsea Miller 39t; Chloe Webb 148; Gary Rogan 155; Diane Ross 455; Kris Wiggins 163t; Crystal Meadows 328; Ryan Ross and Ainsley Ross 354b.


Leaders: Evelyn Lamb 99; Jo Pendleton 479; Lindsey Wiggins 189; Gayle Avant 72t; Kristie Powell 383; Catherine Rogan 192; Jeff Miller 29t; Vivian Rogan 235; Donn Howard 178; Chelsea Miller 84; Sonny Erwin 454; Trevor Howard 147b; Cheryl Foreman 187; Linda Booker 490; Jerry Ryan 421; Esther Huckaby 106; Leon Ballinger 327. Dr. John Simons offered prayer before the noon meal.


Dr. Studstill called everyone together at 1:15 p.m. and led 85. Leaders: Robert Vaughn 344; Beverly Coates 133; Dr. John Simons 159; Ryan Ross and Ainsley Ross 294; Susan Matthews 52t; Chloe Webb 282 (for Sadie Miller); LuAnn Thomas 277; Andrew Morris 278t; Donald Ross 546; Ryan Showalter 336; Jamie Short 530; Rosean Leafblat and AmyRose Castillo 312b; Harry Conner 49t; Bryan Matthewson 502; Jeremy Elliott 47b; Chris Nicholson 569b; Josh Rogan 460; H.P. O’Mary 335; Tammy Powell 436; Owen Ross 304.


Leaders: Crystal Meadows 128 (in honor of Marilou Reynolds and in memory of W.J. Reynolds); Bruce Coates 566; Gary Rogan 209; Gaylon Powell 504; Kyle Hearn 192; Diane Ross and Shirley Williams 40; Jo Pendleton 145b; Lindsey Wiggins 442; Gayle Avant 45t; Kristie Powell 76b; Catherine Rogan 220; Cheryl Foreman 475; Vivian Rogan 146; Douglas Foster 78; Kris Wiggins 273; Dr. Tim Studstill 63 (in memory of Dr. Wes Forbes, who passed away two weeks ago).

Dr. Studstill thanked everyone for coming, and for bringing back precious memories. He reminded everyone present that www. fasola. org gives information for all of the upcoming singings in Texas. Dr. Tim Studstill then offered prayer, and the class was dismissed. The Bowld Music Library at Southwestern held a presentation and display of unique historic four and seven note tunebooks and shape-note artifacts.

Chairman—Dr. Tim Studstill; Secretary—Rebecca Redus