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The Berkshire Foothills Singing

Lenox Community Center, Lenox, Massachusetts

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The 6th annual Berkshire Foothills Singing held on the Saturday before the second Sunday in November was called to order by Paula Picton leading 47t. John Holbrook offered the opening prayer.

A business meeting was held and the following officers were elected: Chairperson—Allison Steel; Vice Chairperson—Jan-Erik Steel; Secretary—Larry Bingham.

Leaders: Allison Steel 59; Jan-Erik Steel 89; Larry Bingham 63; Sally Langendorf 32t; Eileen Willie 87; John Holbrook 38t; Jennie Brown 36b; Ines Luttgen 565; John Bowman 282; Mary Skidmore 107; Pat Callahan 148; Alex Jones 34b; Anne Kazlauskas 65; Al McCready 452; Liz Cantrell 192; Dan Hertzler 436; Stephanie Fida 542; Jeremy Galvagni 440; Carole Dempsey 114; Robert Stoddard 429; Maggie Shar 276; L.H. Spencer 254; Amy Finlay 300; Bill Holt 313t; Margaret Bornick 313b; Leah Dagen and Lauren Hamilton 111b.


Jan-Erik Steel called the class to order leading 270. Leaders: Brian Collett 474; Molly Merrett 76b; Kitty Kagay 217; Terry Ryan 475; Laura Borrelli 106; Kelsey Wessels 171; Sheldon Finlay 112; Magdalena Eriksen 186; Ian Quinn 280; Joanna Lampert 439; Michael Nord 70t; Kathy Collett 564; Alvaro J.W. Duarte 344; Elizabeth Stoddard 172; Dean Jens 180; Mary Gowins 392; Barbara Swetman 383; Chris Holley 277; Mary A. Andrews 457.

Jean Seiler conducted the memorial lesson. She spoke of the memorial lesson and Sacred Harp singing as a Godsend. She led 285t in memory of the following deceased: George Seiler, David Bornick, George Loft—New York; Phyllis Bruce, Jeanette McCready—Connecticut; Linda Fuller Bedard, Victoria Bolles, Betty Williams, Peter King, George McGray, Robert Bertera, Rita Sniegowski—Massachusetts; Ann Kucera—Maine; Jean Cassidy—Rhode Island; Alice Copeland—New Jersey; Tybele Frankel—Ohio; Weston Cate—Vermont; Jerry Enright—Illinois; Elaine Froats—Ontario, Canada.

Joanne Fuller conducted the memorial lesson for the sick and shut-ins and led 146 in their honor: Joanne Sniegowski, Margoleath Berman, Tia Scully, Bob Meek, Ruth Daniel, Lonnie Rogers, Bud Oliver, and Marek Zapedowski. Robert Stoddard offered prayer for those remembered and honored in the memorial lessons.

Leaders: Kelsey Sunderland 403; Mary Jo Shafer 225t; Ron Bornick 454; Christine Andrews 159; Joanne Bowman 411; Tom Malone 320 (in memory of George Seiler); Natalie Shiras 40; Peter Golden 349. Natalie Shiras offered prayer before the noon meal.


Jan-Erik Steel and Allison Steel began the afternoon session leading 384. Leaders: Emma Rose Brown 218; Riley Skinner 183; Sheila Kelley 430; Deidra Montgomery 53; Peter Amidon 209; Linda Shea 203; Joanne Fuller 121; Jean Seiler 540; Liz Cantrell 318; John Holbrook 480; Stephanie Fida 522; Dan Hertzler 556; Sally Langendorf 401; Molly Merrett 481; Robert Stoddard 91; Jeremy Galvagni 99; Anne Kazlauskas 195; Ian Quinn 145t; Ines Luttgen 187; Laura Borrelli 142.


Jennie Brown called the class to order leading 445. Leaders: Alvaro J.W. Duarte 77t; Chris Holley and Kathe Pilibosian 278t; Pat Callahan 306; Dean Jens 545; Carole Dempsey 168; Joanne Bowman and John Bowman 503; Al McCready 67; Joanna Lampert 462; Bill Holt 128; Kitty Kagay 328; Peter Golden 113; Kelsey Wessels 274t; Deidra Montgomery and Tom Malone 511; Emma Brown and Kelsey Sunderland 389; L.H. Spencer and Paula Picton 260; Linda Shea and Magdalena Eriksen 123t; Leah Dagen 312b; Brian Collett and Kathy Collett 538.


The class was called to order by Jan-Erik Steel and Allison Steel leading 319. Leaders: Alex Jones and Tom Malone 174; Kestrel Slocombe and Elizabeth Stoddard 86; Ron Bornick and Margaret Bornick 334; Sheila Kelley 549; Michael Nord 162; Mary Skidmore 273; Mary Jo Shafer 335; Larry Bingham 497; Terry Ryan 297; Christine Andrews 417; Riley Skinner 82t; Barbara Swetman and Mary Gowins 312t.

A business meeting was held and committee reports given. Allison Steel, Jan-Erik Steel, Larry Bingham, and Sally Langendorf led 62 as the closing song. Liz Cantrell closed the singing with prayer.

Chairperson—Allison Steel; Vice Chairperson—Jan-Erik Steel; Secretary—Larry Bingham