Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Antioch Baptist Church

Ider, DeKalb County, Alabama

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The annual Sacred Harp singing held at Antioch Baptist Church, Ider, Alabama, was held on the second Sunday in April. The class was called to order by Marty Wootten and Jared Wootten leading 36b and 48t. The morning prayer was offered by Phillip Wootten.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Co-Chairmen—Marty Wootten and Jared Wootten; Secretary—Judy Caudle.

Leaders: Marty Wootten and Jared Wootten 283 (for Don Bowen); Terry Wootten 480; David Townson and Claudine Townson 39t; Terry Hullett 144; B.M. Smith 28b; Angela Myers 503; Jerry Wootten 448t; Sonny Erwin 454; Phillip Wootten, Susan Pilcher, Jennifer, Stacey, and John 542, 196, 186; Tom George 224; Scot Oliver 176b; Bridgett Hill 276; Chris Holley and Kathe Pilibosian 354t; Debbie Cain, Christie Wootten, and Kennedy Wootten 163t, 460; Nate Zweig 40; Aaron Little 515; Judy Mincey 464; Blake Sisemore 142; Eschol Hughes 340.


The class was brought back to order by Marty Wootten and Jared Wootten leading 76b. Leaders: David Killingsworth 441; Dennis George 440; Stacy Wootten, Damien Wootten, Teresa Saylors, Sierra Saylors, and Donette Wootten 376, 74b; Dave Ressler 77t; Karen Rollins 501; Loretta Smith 274t.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Robin Smith. She spoke and led 378t for the following deceased: Alan Posey, Willie Mae Moon, Lewis Lewis, Aunt Gee, Clinton Ivey, Dan Greason, Malvie Clayton-Alabama; Jimmie Denney-Georgia; Bill Ellason-Missouri; Marion Hatchett, Jack Gessell-Tennessee; Nancy Katzen-Pennsylvania.

Phillip Wootten spoke and led 400 for the following sick and shut-ins: Charlie Derleth, Julia Vea, Una Johnson, Willard Wright, Myrtle Wootten, and Donald Carroll. The memorial lesson was closed with prayer offered by Johnny Lee.

Leaders: Jackson Harcrow and Aaron Wootten 398 (in memory of Alan Rosser), 203; Dewayne Wootten 156; Daniel Lee 155; Becky Browne 411 (in memory of Jeanette Lowry); Betty Wright 97; Ginny Landgraf 433; Charlie Hunter 178; Rick Foreman and Cheryl Foreman 312t; JoDell Albi 180; Linton Ballinger and David Ivey 385b; Charles Meitinger 182; Karen Swenson 475. The blessing for the noon meal was offered by Jeffrey Wootten.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Marty Wootten and Jared Wootten leading 345b. Leaders: Laura Densmore 328; Judy Caudle 355; Eddie Mash 365; Chase Townson, Logan Townson, and Hunter Townson 465 (CB); Beverly Coates 347; Tom Owen 549; Alex Craig, Zach Craig, Avalea Maxwell, Gavin Maxwell, and Cheyenne Ivey 100; Levon Wootten 452; Rodney Ivey 571 (CB) (for Lonnie Rogers); Bruce Coates 566; Hayden Wootten and Cole Wootten 171; Jamey Wootten and Lorrie Wootten 384; John Seaton 49b; Sonny Huckaby 168; S.T. Reed 167; Pam Wilkerson and Syble Adams 421; Louis Hughes 348b; David Lee 32t (for Grandmother); Scott Ivey 556; Donna Wootten and Shane Wootten 88t; Jeffrey Wootten 306; Jennie Mann “Sweet Beulah Land” (by request); Marlon Wootten, Brenda Carroll, Carolyn Bullock, and Donna Derden 68b; Reba Windom and Betty Shepherd 216; Phil Summerlin 415; Johnny Lee 175; Loyd Ivey, Marion Biddle, Hobert Ivey, and Eloise Wootten 424; Henry Johnson and Ed Thacker 326; Linda Thomas, Bud Oliver, and friends 500 (CB); Jerry Creason and Anne Sibole 344; Mary Ruth Stiefel and Verlon Stiefel 321; Coy Ivey and Norma Green 559 (CB); Marty Wootten and Jared Wootten 546.

Marty Wootten and Jared Wootten led 463 (CB) as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Dewayne Wootten, and the class was dismissed.

Co-Chairmen—Marty Wootten and Jared Wootten; Secretary—Judy Caudle