Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Iowa All-Day Singing

Berwick Congregational Church, Berwick, Iowa

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The 9th annual Iowa All-Day Sacred Harp Singing was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Bonnie Davis leading 33b. Michael Moore offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Callie Garnett 441; Bryan Davis 503; Michael Moore 349; Annie Grieshop 186; Jim Page 188; Jennifer Hamilton 178; Wendy Hoffman 39t; Alex Nothern 47b; Stephen Conte 410t; Ryan Wheeler 417; Rochelle Lodder 171; Lou Kujawinski 272; Tom Hurlbut 335; Lori Graber 29t; Eric Siegel 268.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Bonnie Davis; Vice Chairman—Callie Garnett; Secretary—Annie Grieshop.


Martha Beverly brought the class back together leading 30t and 415.

Leaders: Matt Shomaker 274t; JoLynn Gates 299; Deanna Jens 49t; Matt Wells 500; Joe Conte 566; Gaile Gallatin and Bonnie Davis 159; Penny Kujawinski 377; Bill Beverly 547; Emmalee Hunnicutt 457; Pattie Doss 77t.


Alex Nothern brought the class back together leading 456. Leaders: Annie Grieshop and Dan Treadway 155; Michael Moore 99; Ryan Wheeler 74b; Sandy Stimson 56b; Charlotte Baldwin 146; Bryan Davis 128; Lara Andersen 163b; Callie Garnett 384; Eric Saylor 361; Wendy Hoffman 209; Matt Wells 318; Bonnie Davis 276. Michael Moore offered a blessing for the meal.


Tom Hurlbut brought the class back after dinner leading 117. Leaders: Marianna Ritchey 86; Jim Page and Cheryl Holmes 182; Perry Lenz 200; Jennifer Hamilton 31t; Stephen Conte 296; Martha Beverly 504; JoLynn Gates 479; Matt Shomaker 112.

Michael Moore offered a thoughtful and moving memorial lesson, leading 34t for the following sick and shut-ins: Julie Vea, Bob Scorgie, Bob Anderson, Joyce Anderson, Marilyn Moore, Bob Meek, Peg Pearson, and Lynne White. He led 37t in memory of the following deceased: Cindy Kissee-Minnesota; Leroy E. Moore, Robert A. Moore, Dennis Anderson-Iowa; Larry Devocelle-Illinois; Jean Morris, Bill Ellason-Missouri; Robert K. Moore-Wisconsin. He closed the memorial lesson with prayer.


Penny Kujawinski brought the class back together leading 114. Leaders: Joe Conte 452; Rochelle Lodder 36b; Bill Beverly 297; Sandy Stimson 184; Lori Graber 510; Emmalee Hunnicutt 430; Eric Siegel 40; Lou Kujawinski 66; Charlotte Baldwin and Scott Kalberer 383.


Eric Saylor brought the class back together leading 277. Leaders: Pattie Doss 528; Bryan Davis 106; Bonnie Davis 210; Callie Garnett 390.

After announcements, Bonnie Davis led 347 as the closing song. Michael Moore dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Bonnie Davis; Vice Chairman—Callie Garnett; Secretary—Annie Grieshop