Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Vermont Annual All-Day Singing

Grace Congregational UCC, Rutland, Vermont

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Vermont All-Day Singing was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Ian Smiley leading 38t. The opening prayer was offered by Barbara Waters.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Ian Smiley; Secretaries—Sam Colton and Chelsea Rose Sargent.

Leaders: Mark Williams 299; Carol Dempsey 131b; Tim Cummings 209; Lynette Combs 31t; Paul Gauthier 288; Jenny Wright 272; George Seiler 159; Ines Luttgen 385b; Willis McCumber 300; Terry Ryan 352; Sam Colton 84; Nicola Collett 245; Robert Stoddard 392; Jean Seiler 217; Scott Luscombe 353; Kathy Collett 547; Leonard Spencer 320; Jeremy Galvagni 52t; Mary Skidmore 168; Peter Amidon 306; Meredith Muller 49t; Mary Seem 229; Sally Langendorf 378b.


Brian Collett brought the class back to order leading 273. Leaders: Patricia Van Voorhis 105; Brendan Taaffe 203; Ian Ludders 195; Natalie Brierre 216; Paula Picton 215; Julia Walker 274t; Dan Hertzler 68b; Chelsea Rose Sargent 146; Debby Moody 504; Lynette Combs 66; Robert Stoddard 567; Mary Seem 162; Mark Williams 479; Paul Gauthier 505; Terry Ryan 171; Scott Luscombe 506; Kathy Collett 155.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Patty Heather-Lea leading 56b for the following deceased; James Bernard, Linda Burke, Francesca Armento—Connecticut; Lance Allen, Sam James, Jim Webber, Amanda Gale-Pyka, Kym Chase, Kym Bernache, Susan Olivean, Junior Harwood, Lillian Robinson—Vermont; Victoria Bolles, Richard Morse, George McGray, Tom Cavanaugh—Massachusetts; George Loft, Stefan Brecht—New York; Winnifred Wright—New Hampshire; Millie VanVoorhis—South Carolina; Jeanne Nearing—Pennsylvania.

Patty Heather-Lea led 178 for the following sick and shut-ins: Susannah McCandless, Jerry Smiley, Larry Buck, Charlotte Coffey, Charlie Depuy, Karen Keller, David McCumber, Virginia Luscombe, Barbara Shontell, David Bennet, Curtis Smith, and Grace Don Peabody.


Tim Cummings brought the class back to order leading 107. Leaders: Carole Dempsey 111b; Brian Collett 254; Mary Skidmore 183; Patricia Van Voorhis 48t; Jenny Wright 455; Natalie Brierre 428; Ian Ludders 434; George Seiler 480; Ines Luttgen 361; Willis McCumber 396; Paula Picton 404; Dan Hertzler 564; Jessica DeBiasio 250; Leonard Spencer 260; Jeremy Galvagni 29t; Sam Colton 47b; Margaret Elaine Jinno 124; Debby Moody 189; Nicola Collett 269; Jean Seiler 142; Peter Amidon 77t; Brendan Taaffe 163t.


Dan Hertzler brought the class back to order leading 61. Leaders: Paul Gauthier 182; Sally Langendorf 108b; Ian Smiley 200; Robert Stoddard 315; Mary Seem 414; Mark Williams 67; Terry Ryan 334; Scott Luscombe 481; Kathy Collett 474; Carole Dempsey 430; Tim Cummings 86; Brian Collett 503; Mary Skidmore 324; Jenny Wright 313b; Ian Ludders 468b; George Seiler 99; Ines Luttgen 384; Willis McCumber 377; Paula Picton 373; Dan Hertzler 318; Jessica DeBiasio 268; Leonard Spencer 442; Jeremy Galvagni 36b.

Ian Smiley led 62 as the closing song, and those who wished took the parting hand. The closing prayer was offered by George Seiler.

Chairman—Ian Smiley; Secretaries—Sam Colton and Chelsea Rose Sargent