Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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University of West Georgia

Food Service Building (Z-6), Carrollton, Georgia

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The annual Sacred Harp singing at the University of West Georgia in Carrollton, Georgia, was held on the third Sunday in February. Myron House welcomed everyone, and called the class to order leading 70t. The morning prayer was offered by Henry Johnson.

Leaders: Myron House 56t; Jan House 77t, 79; Charlene Wallace 99, 155 (in honor of Carlene Griffin and Evelyn Harris); Oscar McGuire 276 (in honor of Raymond Hamrick), 171.

A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed: Chairman—Myron House; Vice Chairman—Jan House; Secretary—Donna Bell; Arranging Committee—Lela Crowder; Memorial Committee—Oscar McGuire and Earlis McGraw; Chaplain—Henry Johnson.

Leaders: B.M. Smith 142, 108b; Lela Crowder 288, 186; Donna Bell 283, 546; Stanley Edwards 131b, 340; Malinda Snow 32t, 73b; Tony Hammock 303, 60; Earlis McGraw 284 (by request), 225t (in honor of Lonnie Rogers); Judy Chambless 66, 274t; Phillip Langley 430, 318; John Plunkett 564 (for special friends), 390; Karen Rollins 327 (in honor of Syd Caldwell), 354t; Jeanette DePoy 122.


Jan House brought the class back to order leading 59. Leaders: Michael Thompson 490 (in honor of Xaris Martinez), 456 (in honor of Joyce Walton); Sheri Taylor 159, 148; Bud Oliver 332, 42; Angela Myers 127, 192; Henry Johnson 409, 460: Laura Frey 178, 163b; Robert Kelley 132, 65; Paige Gilbert and Cheyenne Ivey 128, 87; Jenna Frey 124, 358. Henry Johnson offered the blessing for the noon meal.


The afternoon session of singing began with Myron House leading 113. Leaders: Erica Hinton 270, 168; Lonnie Rogers 373, 343.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Oscar McGuire and Earlis McGraw. Oscar McGuire read the names of the deceased as follows and led 47b in their memory: Frank Block, Jimmie Denney, Lewis Allen, Reba Norton, Tyre Denney, and Junior Rogers.

Oscar McGuire read the following list of sick and shut-ins, and Earlis McGraw led 277 in their honor: Lois Bowman, Teenie Moody, Mary Florence Smith, Evelyn Harris, Sammie Oliver, George Garner, Lucy Garner, Xaris Martinez, Joseph Johnson, Raymond Hamrick, and Darrell Swarens. Earlis McGraw led 290 (by request of Lonnie Rogers in memory of his brother, Junior Rogers). Cecil Roberts closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Judy Caudle 423, 428; Richard DeLong 431, 458; Reba Windom 220, 475; Rodney Ivey 189, 389; Elene Stovall 391, 392; Jeff Sheppard 293, 140; Debra Langley 299, 300; Curtis Spivey 45t, 164; Ann Simpson 47t, 445; Cecil Roberts 312b, 399b; Leanne Carter 39t, 74t; Margie Smith 565; Matt Hinton 120, 151; Shelbie Sheppard 106; Eli Hinton 32t.

Following announcements, Myron House and Jan House led 323t as the closing song. The class was dismissed after Henry Johnson offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Myron House; Vice Chairman—Jan House; Secretary—Donna Bell