Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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South Yorkshire Singing

Wesleyan Reform Chapel, Oughtibridge, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The annual South Yorkshire Sacred Harp singing day was held at the Wesleyan Reform Chapel, Oughtibridge, on Saturday before the third Sunday in February. The class was called to order by Sarah West and Sharon Langridge leading 34b. Hannah Land offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Ted Brown 49b; Margaret Gillanders 313t; Michael Walker 61; Helen Brown 421; Hannah Land 228; Chris Brown 28b; Ruth Steggles 73b; Ian West 32t; Maria Wallace 38b; Judy Whiting 456; Peter Knudssen 178; Carmel Wood 192; Phil Tyler and Cath Tyler 230; Sarah West 224; Ted Brown 225t; Sharon Langridge 457; Margaret Gillanders 523; Michael Walker 33b; Helen Brown 328; Chris Brown 477.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairmen—Sarah West and Sharon Langridge; Secretary—Margaret Gillanders.


Ian West brought the class back together by leading 105. Leaders: Hannah Land 384; Helena Davenport 350; Phil Tyler 157; Ruth Steggles 454; Peter Knudssen 503; Maria Wallace 274t; Carmel Wood 383; Cath Tyler 385b; Judy Whiting 466; Sarah West 80t; Sharon Langridge 501; Ted Brown 176b; Margaret Gillanders 475; Michael Walker 460; Helen Brown 436; Chris Brown 354t; Ian West 445; Helena Davenport 324; Hannah Land 282; Phil Tyler 440; Carmel Wood 114. Ted Brown said grace for the midday meal.


Ruth Steggles began the afternoon session by leading 39t. Leaders: Maria Wallace 448t; Peter Knudssen 515; Judy Whiting 77b; Cath Tyler 183; Michael Walker 406; Helena Davenport 107; Sharon Langridge 313b; Ted Brown 546; Sarah West 101t; Chris Brown 362; Margaret Gillanders 270.

Michael Walker conducted the memorial and sick and housebound lessons. The following deceased were remembered: Jane Suddaby, John Matthewman, Marie Holloway, Audrey Nathan, Margaret Clay, Johnny Collins, Marjory Pratt, Victoria Bolles, Thurman Nall, and Chris Wood. The following sick and housebound were honored: Doug Howarth, Barbara Howarth, Brenda Knudssen, Leo McGuigan, Kathy Armstrong, Jenny Reid, Maureen Gamlin, Joan Mattock, David Daykin, Daisy’s daughter, Ben Hall, Alan Jackson, John Hopkinson, Darrell Swarens, Raymond Hamrick, Nora Jeffrey, George Seiler, Ray Blythe, Rachel Morris and family, and Gavin Davenport. Michael Walker led 159. Helen Brown offered a prayer to close the memorial lesson.

Leaders: Ian West 139; Helen Brown 556; Phil Tyler 108b; Hannah Land 434; Carmel Wood 112; Ruth Steggles 198; Maria Wallace 106; Judy Whiting 512.


Sharon Langridge called the class to order leading 156. Leaders: Cath Tyler 250; Michael Walker 340; Helena Davenport 31t; Ted Brown 339; Sarah West 370; Chris Brown 277; Ian West 480; Hannah Land 142; Phil Tyler 428; Carmel Wood 168; Ruth Steggles 30t; Maria Wallace 455.

Following announcements, Sarah West and Sharon Langridge led 56t, and Ruth Steggles offered the closing prayer.

Chairmen—Sarah West and Sharon Langridge; Secretary—Margaret Gillanders