Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Ivey Memorial Singing

Liberty Church, Henagar, Alabama

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The annual Ivey Memorial Sacred Harp Singing held at Liberty Church, Henagar, Alabama, on the first fifth Sunday was called to order by Shane Wootten leading 32t. The morning prayer was offered by Louis Hughes.

Leaders: Shane Wootten 89 (in memory of Andrew Ivey); David Ivey 332 (in memory of Eulas and Helen Ivey); Rodney Ivey 492; Donna Wootten 56t; Scott Ivey 31t; Loyd Ivey 34t; Dennis George 399b (in memory of Mattie Townsel); Eloise Wootten 222; Reba Windom 138t (in memory of Nora Lacy); Ed Thacker 440; B.M. Smith 441; Sarah Jenkins 297; Marlon Wootten 97 (in memory of Mack Wootten); Jeannette DePoy 475 (in memory of Frank Block); Robert Walker 354b; Susan Harcrow 186; Lomax Ballinger 300; Nathan Rees 58; Judy Chambless 142; Richard Ivey 474; Louis Hughes 314 (in memory of Milton Oliver); Karen Rollins 318 (for Lonnie Rogers); Cheyenne Ivey 82t.


The class was brought back to order by David Ivey leading 123t. Leaders: Jackson Harcrow 106; Tom George 100; Daryl Chesney 386; Aaron Wootten 145b; Scott DePoy 65 (for Barbara DePoy); Pam Nunn 217; Matt Hinton 203; Hobert Ivey 278b; John Plunkett 227; Judy Caudle 460 (in memory of Willie Mae Moon); Dewayne Wootten 46; Jack Nelson 513; Tony Ivey 547; Syble Adams 323b; Henry Johnson 278t; Arlon Gardner 67 (in memory of Mary Ellen Guthrie).


The class was brought back to order by Shane Wootten leading 313t. Leaders: Jared Wootten and Lorrie Wootten 340; Joel Jenkins and Shane Wootten 75; Karen Ivey 542; Jeff Sheppard 556; Jackie Tanner 47t; Wayne Wootten 168; Alex Craig, Avalea Maxwell, and Anzlea Maxwell 282; Jerry Creason and Ann Sibole 452; Robert Chambless 163b; Jamey Wootten 480; Zach Craig and Rion Maxwell 59; Jonathon Smith 411; Levon Wootten 321. Prayer before the noon meal was offered by Brian Maxwell.


The afternoon session came to order with Rodney Ivey leading 129. Leaders: Cindy Tanner 498; Patsy Gentle 61 (in memory of Mattie Townsel); Nate Green and Norma Green 481 (in memory of Clinton Ivey); Brenda Carroll and Coy Ivey 384; Robert Kelly 184; Claudine Townson 39t; Elene Stovall 500; Shelbie Sheppard 484; Lela Crowder 179; Margie Smith 225t (for Bo Caldwell and Syd Caldwell); Tim Travis and Shane Wootten 448t; Judy Mincey 464 (in memory of Lee Rogers); Betty Shepherd 216; Blake Sisemore 472; Betty Wright 569b; Erin Krans and Judy Caudle 38b; Rex Wilks 503; Jack Stiefel 28b; Michael Thompson 434; Lilly Underwood, Nathan Underwood, and Loyd Ivey 378t; Billy Thompson 535; Avalea Maxwell, Brian Maxwell, Rion Maxwell, Gavin Maxwell, Isaac Maxwell, Alex Craig, and Zach Craig 388; Sandy Ivey and Sylvia Ivey 138b.

Announcements were made. Leaders: Teresa Bethune, Marion Biddle, Loyd Ivey, Eloise Wootten, and Hobert Ivey 501 (CB); Hobert Ivey, Loyd Ivey, Eloise Wootten, Rex Wilks, Norma Green, Coy Ivey, and Linda Patton 486 (WB).

Shane Wootten led 146 as the closing song. Joel Jenkins offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Shane Wootten; Vice Chairman—David Ivey; Secretary—Donna Wootten