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Calhoun County Convention

Mt. Moriah Primitive Baptist Church, between Anniston and Jacksonville, Alabama

September 14-15, 1996

Saturday, September 14

The eighty-second session of the Calhoun County Sacred Harp Convention met at Mt. Moriah Primitive Baptist Church in the Four Mile Community between Anniston and Jacksonville, Alabama on the the third Sunday and Saturday before in September, and was called to order by B. J. Harris leading song on page 30b. The morning prayer was led by Everette Denney. Ruth Brown led songs on pages 47t and 146; Evelyn Harris 47t and 146. A business session was held, and the following officers and committees were elected or appointed: Chairman—B. J. Harris; Vice Chairman—Ruth Brown; Secretary—Evelyn Harris; Arranging Committee—Hester Edwards and Pearl Guier; Memorial Committee—Joyce Walton. Leaders: B. J. Harris 347; Ruth Brown 36b; Pearl Guier and Hester Edwards 40, 87 for Mary Florence Smith who was hurt in a car accident and unable to attend; Jap Walton 420b; Margie Smith 225t for Lonnie Rogers, 303, 313t; Harvey Austin 108t, 335; Alice Edwards 73b, 104; Virgil Phillips 475; Liz Bryant 122, 270; Roy Nelson 176t, 480, 153; Jewel Wootten 276, 283.


Ruth Brown called the class to order leading song on page 49b. Leaders: B. M. Smith 284, 285t; Leola Smith 176b, 124; Everette Denney 489, 503; Linda Thomas 123t, 299; Milton Oliver 224, 222; Shelbie Sheppard 211, 296; S. T. Reed 44, 43; Joyce Walton 65, 67.


The class was called to order by Ruth Brown leading song on page 155. Ruth Brown made the announcement that Harvey Austin had received word during the lunch hour that his brother, Malone Austin, had been killed in an automobile accident. Leaders: Bud Oliver 145b, 73t; Charlene Wallace 267, 331 for Ruby Phillips; Jimmie Denney 68b, 126; Lou Cotney 218, 196, 497; John Forman 203, 217; Josephine Denney 75, 100; Jeff Sheppard 129, 137; Lucille Forman 177, 565b; Bobby Bailey 156, 408; Beulah Reese 421, 72b; Carlene Griffin 97, 448b; Felton Denney 120, 523b; Sonja Randall and Alice Edwards 104, 45t; Louise Nelson and Roy Nelson 35, 128; Pearl Guier 49t, 143; Shelbie Sheppard 28b for Freeman Wootten. B. J. Harris led song on page 490 for the closing song, and the class was dismissed with prayer by Elder Cook.

Sunday, September 15

The convention was called to order by B. J. Harris leading songs on pages 32t and 37b. The morning prayer was led by Lonnie Rogers. Leaders: Ruth Brown 378 (t? b?), 84; Evelyn Harris 101t, 155; Pearl Guier 503, 36b; Margie Smith 393, 494; Roy Nelson 303, 434 for Lola Jenkins; Shelbie Sheppard and Alice Edwards 186, 365; John Forman 63, 426b; Lovella Kerr 68b, 127; Bud Oliver 345t, 145t; Shelton Williamson 300, 222, 299.


B. J. Harris brought the class back together leading song on page 225t. Leaders: Charlene Wallace 327, 439, 441; Henry Johnson 89, 159, 338; Daphene Causey 91, 151; Milton Oliver 368, 319; Lou Cotney 189, 212, 358; Lamar Smith 76b, 343b.

The memorial was given by Joyce Walton with comments made about the large number of singers and friends we have lost in the past years, and led song on page 122 in rememberance of: Dula Webb, Joe Beasley, Kelsey Rene Wootten, Ruby Gibson, Hubert Green, Aver Crider, Dewey Williams, Tom Roberson, Colbie Allen, Homer Cordes, R. C. Stanford, Mary Helen Chafin, Ester Reed, Randolph Mincey, Ola Pruitt, Lonnie Jones, Odell Cleveland, Agnes Hocutt, Elbert Drake, Russell Norton, Harold Jackson, Lawrence Daugherty, Luther Miller, Irvin Creel, Fleecie Tucker, Lucille Brothers, Herman Lambert, Joe Smith, James Kerr, Earlene McGraw Baker, Tommy Creel, Curtis Dutton, Johnnie Sue Beasley, Tilda Mosley, John Bains, Mae Doss, Ruthie Cozart, J. J. Sexton, Floyd Stiefel, William Headrick, Hazel Cagle, Clydus Moon, Otis Nall, Ed Latham, Dillie Creel Harris, Malone Austin, and Erik Hand. B. M. Smith led song on page 499 for the sick and shut-ins. The are a lot of people who are sick and shut-in whose name will not appear on our list, but they are remembered along with the following: Mary Florence Smith, Revy Williamson, Clelon Cobb, Lola Jenkins, Vena Holley, Barrett Ashley, Lawrence Underwood, Lula Underwood, Mae Seymour, Lavoy Smith, Jerry Sheppard, Mozelle Sheppard, Marshall Avery, Cecil Gilliland, and Hayden Creel. The memorial was closed with prayer by Lonnie Rogers.


B. J. Harris called the class to order leading song on page 30t. Leaders: Sheri Taylor 318, 48b, 148; Louis Hughes 31t, 347, 410t; Lucille Forman 136, 137, 496; Lonnie Rogers 560b, 348b, 298; Carlene Griffin 70t, 77b; Coy Ivey 452, 49b; I V. McWhorter 349, 371; Louise Nelson and Roy Nelson 87, 82t; Kenneth Calvert 45t, 49t; Jeff Sheppard 312b, 313t; Sonja Randall and Jeff Sheppard 40, 56t; Joyce Walton 171; B. M. Smith 213b, 384, 344. After announcements were made, B. J. Harris led song on page 62 for the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer by Jap Walton.

Chairman—B. J. Harris; Vice Chairman—Ruth Brown; Secretary—Evelyn Harris.