Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Eugene Singing

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Eugene, Oregon

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The 12th annual Eugene Singing was held in the sanctuary of the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church on the last Saturday of July. Steve Helwig called the class to order at 9:30 a.m. leading 49b. Tony Meyer offered the invocation.

Leaders: Fran Ross 178; Erik Schwab 77t; Tom McTighe 32b; Durwood Rachleff 186; Jessica Beer 32t; Sher Schwartz 354b; Betsy Jeronen 500; Mary Ditson 146; Cornelia Stanton 344; Jack Lofton 193; Suzanne Denker 106; Scott Kennedy 454; Martha Sherwood 53; Bill Walters 24t; Martha Johnson 148; Anne Huckins 86; David Kreiss-Tomkins 81t; Kathy Vlach 361; Dave Tobin 268; Reed Schilbach 318.


Cornelia Stanton brought the class back to order leading 37b. Leaders: Tammi Ziola 160b (with a new original second verse); Karen Stingle 475; Erika Wilson 442; Martha Johnson 430; Karl Oswald 304; James Brock 551; John Dinsmore 411, John Carson and Marty Carson 335; Carolyn Gilkey 142; Caleb Hardy 171; Ethan Hardy 294; David Landazuri 74b; Fran Ross 373; Erik Schwab 138t; Tom McTighe 189; Durward Rachleff 163b; Jessica Beer 269; Sher Schwartz 159.

Fran Ross conducted the memorial lesson and led 350 in memory of the deceased and the sick and shut-ins. The following deceased were remembered: Ann Schilbach, Jean Marcotte, Ruby Little, Phyllis Currens, Chester Pietka, Anylese Diaz, Dwight Enberg, Thomas Rubick, Rose Normand of Quito, Ecuador, and Jerome Sarcowski of Michigan.

The sick and shut-ins remembered were Dorothy Harrison, Julie Rogers, Tofah Eileen, and Bill Barr. The memorial lesson was concluded with a moment of silence.

Leaders: Betsy Jeronen 200; Cornelia Stanton 523; Jack Lofton 532; Suzanne Denker 504; Scott Kennedy 547; Martha Sherwood 376; Bill Walters 348 (t? b?). Tony Meyer asked the blessing for the noon meal.


Steve Helwig brought the afternoon session to order leading 510. Leaders: Anne Huckins 452; David Kreiss-Tomkins 312b; Isabelle McTighe 448b; Kathy Vlach 472; Jane Grant 480; Dave Tobin 457; Reed Schilbach 297; Mary Ditson 455; Tammi Ziola 125; Karen Stingle 198; Erika Wilson 362; Karl Oswald 250; James Brock 72b; John Dinsmore 73 (t? b?); John Carson 163t; Carolyn Gilkey 384; Caleb Hardy 390; Ethan Hardy 210; Jean Murphy 209; Steve Helwig 436.


Jessica Beer brought the class back to order leading 445. Leaders: David Landazuri 479; Jane Grant 474; Jack Lofton 448t; Fran Ross 496; Eric Schwab 31t; Tom McTighe 313b; Betsy Jeronen 440; Cornelia Stanton 456; Scott Kennedy 162; Suzanne Denker 56b; Bill Walters 327; David Kreiss-Tomkins 107; Kathy Vlach 145b; Reed Schilbach 66; Tammi Ziola 235; Erika Wilson 131t; Karl Oswald 28t.

Reports from Committees were given. Carolyn Gilkey reported that 62 singers registered from four states. Erik Schwab offered the resolutions report. John Dinsmore, pastor of Good Shepherd, was thanked for the use of the church. Jean Murphy invited the class to the annual post-singing croquet tournament. Steve Helwig led 155 as the closing song.

Chairman—Steve Helwig; Secretary and Treasurer—Carolyn Gilkey