Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Mississippi State Sacred Harp Singing Convention

Antioch Primitive Baptist Church, Forest, Mississippi

August 24-25, 1996

Saturday, August 24

The sixty-eighth session of the Mississippi State Sacred Singing Convention was called to order by President Mark Davis leading song on page 37b. After welcoming everyone, President Davis led song on page 65. The opening prayer was led by Elder Hilton Moore. President Davis led 111b.

After President Davis appointed Junie McNeil and Virginia Carter as the Arrangement Committee, Vice President John Van Horn led 179 and 74t. Secretary Jean Gray led songs on pages 108t and 297. Leaderss continued as follows: Hugh Bill McGuire 298, 430; Arlon Gardner 129, 49b; Elder Charles Porter 155, 137; John Merritt 497, 522 (Cooper Book), 145b especially for Janice Nelson and Mae Ola Nelson who were unable to be at the convention; John Hollingsworth 460, 68b.

President Davis finding a quorum present, officially opened the convention welcoming everyone present, especially out of state visitors.


After recess the singing continued with President Davis leading song on page 54 from the Cooper Book. Leaders: George Easley 313t, 299; Tim Gray 40, 61; Durward Scarborough 45t, 240; Ester Mann 426t, 503b; T. J. Funderburk 322, 569b; Linda Funderburk 330t, 328; Andrew Albers 78 (Cooper Book), 267b. President Davis appointed Tim Gray, Arlon Gardner, and T. J. Funderburk as the Business and Credentials Committee.


The afternoon session was called to order with President Davis leading 178 and 185. Leaders: Regina Glass 124, 126; Lisa Davis 350, 528; Virginia Carter 147b, 131b; Dennis Cranford 277, 30b; W. M. Allen 104, 490; Dr. Warren Steel, University of Mississippi, 422, 420 (Cooper Book); Gabriel Kastelle, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 209, 45 (t? b?); Dr. Harry Eskew, New Orleans Baptist Seminary, 47b, 146; Henry McGuire 442, 183; Cayla McGuire 506, 477.

The convention entered into a business session at this time. A motion was made and carried to retain the following officers: President—Mark Davis; Vice President—John Van Horn; Secretary—Jean Gray; Chaplain—W. M. Allen. By request, President Davis led 236, Easter Anthem.


Singing was resumed with President Davis leading song on page 566b. Other officers followed: Arrangement Chairperson Junie McNeil 310, 176b; Vice President Van Horn 306; Secretary Jean Gray requested Henry McGuire lead 254, Rose of Sharon. Leaders: Hugh Bill McGuire 215; Arlon Gardner 171; Elder Charles Porter 334; John Merritt 559 (Cooper Book); George Easley 438; Tim Gray 358; Durward Scarborough 339; Ester Mann 32t.

President Davis thanked everyone present for coming, and for the bountiful lunch. There were five states represented outside Mississippi. President Davis appointed Hugh Bill McGuire and Durward Scarborough as the Location Committee, and Ester Mann and John Hollingsworth as the Memorial Committee. President Davis led 46 for the closing song, and the convention was dismissed by Chaplain W. M. Allen.

Sunday, August 25

The Sunday morning session was called to order at 10:00 a.m. with a welcome to all by President Mark Davis leading songs on pages 111t and 166b. Prayer was led by Durward Scarborough. Leaders: Mark Davis 85; Vice President John Van Horn 83t, 77t; Secretary Jean Gray 143, 288; Hugh Bill McGuire 76b, 172; John Hollingsworth 36b, 192; Hugh McGuire 176t, 515 (Cooper Book). President Davis reminded the various committees of their reports at 2:00 p.m. Leaders: Mike McNeil 384, 101t; Billy Hollingsworth 268, 49t; Henry McGuire 276, 189b; Durward Scarborough 323b, 500 (Cooper Book). Andrew Albers and Charles Franklin were appointed to the Resolution and Hospitality Committee.


Singing resumed with President Davis leading song on page 269. Leaders: Andrew Albers 369 (Cooper Book), 436b; Ester Mann 147t, 39t; Cayla McGuire 60, 45t; Colvin Mann 63, 127; Darlene Reynolds 204, 131 (Christian Harmony), by request from Janice Nelson; Arlon Gardner 448b, 47b.


The afternoon session began with President Davis leading song on page 47t. Leaders: Drew McGuire 441; Tim Gray 47t, 434; Dr. Wilma Mitchell 84, 569b; Regina Glass 117, 278t; Junie McNeil 119, 145t; Allen Bower 49b; Vice President Van Horn 122; Secretary Jean Gray requested 218 be led by Henry McGuire and Tim Gray; Hugh Bill McGuire 503. After reports from each committee, President Davis expressed his thanks to the people of Antioch Church and others for the food and for helping with the convention. A motion and second was given with vote to approve the reports of the committees. Memorial Committee members, Ester Mann and John Hollingsworth, led 72 (t? b?) in memory of Cynthia Ledlow and 85b in remembrance of Janice Nelson, Mae Ola Nelson, and Neva Dee Mayes. By request, President Davis led 236, Easter Anthem.


Singing resumed as follows: President Davis 274t; Hugh McGuire 507b; Mike McNeil 204 (Christian Harmony); Henry McGuire 220; Durward Scarborough 59; Wilma Mitchell, by request of Mr. Clyde Walters, 117, “Angel Band” (Christian Harmony); Andrew Albers 506 (Cooper Book); Arlon Gardner 378t, 373. After announcements, President Davis led song on page 285t. Tim Gray dismissed the class with prayer.

President—Mark Davis; Vice President—John Van Horn; Chaplain—W. M. Allen; Secretary—Jean Gray.