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North Carolina Sacred Harp Convention

Cary, North Carolina

Saturday, February 28, 2009

The 21st annual North Carolina Sacred Harp Convention was held at the Page Walker Art and History Center, Cary, North Carolina, on Saturday before the first Sunday in March. Leslie Alperin opened the convention by leading 49t. Sally Owens offered the morning prayer.

Leslie Alperin welcomed the class. A business session was held with the following officers elected to serve: Chairman—Leslie Alperin; Vice Chairman—John Feddersen; Secretary—Pat Ward; Treasurer—Don Ward.

Leaders: John Feddersen 46; Lynda Hambourger 29t; Suzanne Newton 150; Mary Johnston 34b; Erin Newton 377; Pat Ward 147t; Dave Gardner 66; Sally Owens and Jamie Latimer 45t; Kathy Kaiser 107; Pat Temple 27; Walter Hartley 159; Mary Wright 35; Catherine Sullivan 86; Don Ward 300; Leslie Alperin 228; John Feddersen 236; Suzanne Newton 350; Mary Johnston 344.


Leslie Alperin called the class to order by leading 59.

Sally MacLeod Owens conducted the memorial lesson. Lynda Hambourger led 348b and John Cardarelli led 106 for the following deceased: William Gilbert, Louise Harris, Robert Smith, Daisy Howard, Huldah Day, Hassan Oloumi, Henry Harding Latham, and Grace Cooper Croley. Also remembered were Jacob and Helen Walker, Samuel F. Cary, Frank and Catherine Page, and Jacob and Helen Yates, who made possible our singing venue.

Suzanne Newton led 340 for the following sick and shut-ins: Johanna Fabke, Dick Baker, Esther Medlen, Walt Lewellen, Henry Bizzell, Bob Hambourger, Carol Serwint, Doris Newell, John Manifold, Jim Hutchinson, and Martha MacLeod.

Leaders: Erin Newton 315; Brad Hunnicut 122; Nancy Newell 163b; James Latimer 178; Pat Ward 224; Margaret Morse 49b; Dave Gardner 503; Win Quackenbush 101t; Pat Temple 232; Walter Hartley 347; Nancy Ping Robbins 475; Mary Wright 180; Kathy Kaiser 142; Don Ward 448t; Katy Loebrich 117; Sally Owens 47b; John Feddersen 268; Mary Johnston 40. Sally Owens offered a prayer for the noon meal.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Leslie Alperin leading 155. Leaders: Erin Newton 181; Tim Hambourger 183; Lynda Hambourger 89; Catherine Sullivan 497; Brad Hunnicut 448b (for Johanna Fabke); Nancy Newell 276; James Latimer 277; Avery Book 77t; Margaret Morse 65; Dave Gardner 569b; Pat Ward 454; Nancy Ping Robbins 163t; Pat Temple 473; Katy Loebrich 128; Walter Hartley 254; Mary Wright 480; Kathy Kiser 384; Don Ward 31t; Sally Owens 82t.

Don Ward gave the Treasurer’s Report and stated that expenses were met.


John Feddersen reconvened the class by leading 285t. Leaders: Leslie Alperin 504; Brad Hunnicut 179; Tim Hambourger 209; Catherine Sullivan 63; Mary Wright 148; Avery Book 203; Pat Temple “The Apple Tree” by Jeremiah Ingalls; Walter Hartley 145b; Mary Johnston 313b; Kathy Kaiser 368; Margaret Morse 547; Pat Ward 472; Nancy Newell 267; Erin Newton 569t; Lynda Hambourger 189; Katy Loebrich 361; James Latimer 165.

Announcements were made. Leslie Alperin thanked all who participated in the planning of the singing and who brought food for the noon meal. She led 62 as the closing song. Sally Owens offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Leslie Alperin; Vice-Chairman—John Feddersen; Secretary—Pat Boyd Ward