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South Yorkshire Sacred Harp Singing Day

Wesleyan Reform Chapel, Oughtibridge, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The annual South Yorkshire Sacred Harp Singing Day was held at the Wesleyan Reform Chapel, Oughtibridge, on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in February. The class was called to order by Ian West leading 101t. Ruth Steggles offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Hannah Land 515; David Richardson 48t; Maria Wallace 171; Margaret Gillanders 36b; Aaron Kahn 107; Judy Whiting 391; Sharon Langridge 350; Michael Walker 134; Ruth Steggles 147t; Ted Brown 176b; Sarah West 370; Rosalind Oldham 32t; Chris Brown 34b; Jacqui Selby-Macleod 314; Phil Tyler 160b; Richard Percival 441; Benny Ross 330t; Hannah Land 501.


Ian West brought the class back together by leading 445. Leaders: Steve Fletcher 108b; Maria Wallace 106; Aaron Kahn 168; Jenny Reid 178; Michael Walker 442; Margaret Gillanders 270; Judy Whiting 556; Ted Brown 77t; Sharon Langridge 481.

Hannah Land conducted the memorial lesson, and led 50t in memory of the following deceased: David Little, Rabbi Arnold Wolfe, Mary Germaine, Ian Fergusson, Florence Mellor, Ann Cox, Angela Lee, Mrs. Tieger, Jim Oss, Jean Cousins, Lorna Know, Stan Shaw, Trevor Sanderson, Deirdre Powell, Gladys Buchanan, Orla Machin, and Brian Cheetham.

Chris Brown led 159 in honor of the following sick and housebound: David Daykin, Sue Briggs, Alex Fox, Dorothy Williams, David George, Betty Hine, Bob Morgan, Stef Puchalka, Peter Ogden, Edwin Macadam, David Lee (of Essex), Bill Craven, Joan Swift, and Kathy Armstrong. Ruth Steggles offered a prayer to close the memorial lesson.

Leaders: David Richardson 473; Sarah West 405; Jacqui Selby-Macleod 457; Cath Tyler 367; Ruth Steggles 198. Michael Walker said grace for the midday meal.


Phil Tyler began the afternoon session by leading 274t. Leaders: Steve Fletcher 383; Benny Ross 474; Jenny Reid 68b; Rosalind Oldham 480; Anna Baldini 146; Richard Percival 38b; Helen Brown 534; Aaron Kahn 284; Maria Wallace 155; Ian West 500; Hannah Land 185; Michael Walker 89; Margaret Gillanders 182; Ted Brown 43; Judy Whiting 373; David Richardson 153; Sharon Langridge 35.


Sarah West called the class to order leading 324. Leaders: Chris Brown 211; Jacqui Selby-Macleod 100; Phil Tyler 477; Helen Brown 426b; Benny Ross 142; Ruth Steggles 454; Steve Fletcher 269; Richard Percival 66; Jenny Reid 99; Rosalind Oldham 299; Michael Walker 406; Cath Tyler 378b; Margaret Gillanders 475; Ted Brown 569b; Judy Whiting 546; Aaron Kahn 183; Hannah Land 472; David Richardson 496.

Following announcements, Ian West and Sharon Langridge led 56t as the closing song. Sharon Langridge offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Ian West; Vice Chairperson—Sharon Langridge; Secretary—Margaret Gillanders