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Jack Kerr and Henry Kerr Memorial

Camp Ground Methodist Church,
north of Fruithurst, Cleburne County, Alabama

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The annual memorial singing for Jack Kerr and Henry Kerr was held on the second Sunday in January at Camp Ground Methodist Church, north of Fruithurst, in Cleburne County, Alabama. Henry Johnson brought the class to order leading 87. The class was welcomed by Rev. Jerry Miller, pastor of the church, who offered the morning prayer.

A business session was held and the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Henry Johnson; Vice Chairman—Tony Hammock; Secretary—Donna Bell; Arranging Committee—Judy Chambless.

Leaders: Henry Johnson 317 (for his sister); Tony Hammock 60, 314; Donna Bell 438 (in memory of Clark Sloman), 39t; Dennis George 35, 288; Karen Rollins 405, 501; John Plunkett 330b (in honor of Diane Loubaff), 68t; Reba Windom 276, 270; Lonnie Rogers 176b, 298; Rodney Ivey 373, 439 (in honor of Joyce Walton); Robert Chambless 225t, 84; S.T. Reed 388, 403; Shelbie Sheppard 27, 142; Oscar McGuire 229, 344.


The class resumed singing with Tony Hammock leading 544. Leaders: Judy Caudle 460, 464; Shannon Primm 500, 312b; Eunice Webb 480, 475; Ed Thacker 303 (in memory of Billy Jo Harris and all other deceased bass singers), 456; Jeff Sheppard 342 (in memory of Elder Gerald Hand), 432; Charlene Wallace 63, 503; Bud Oliver 73t, 145t; B.M. Smith 72b, 28 (t? b?) (in memory of his mother, Myrtle Smith); Winfred Kerr 89, 294 (in honor of his wife, Sara Kerr); Cecil Roberts 435, 163b; Mary Jo Shafer 479, 410t.

Members of the Kerr family were asked to come forward. Mrs. Lois Bowman, daughter of Jack Kerr, welcomed everyone, gave a brief report with expressions of gratitude to those who came to make this a special day. Other members of the Kerr family introduced themselves to the class and explained their relationship to Uncle Jack and Uncle Henry Kerr. Mrs. Bowman played two songs from a CD, made up by her son, from a tape recording of her family singing on the front porch of the old home back in the 1960’s or early 70 (t? b?)’s in memory of the deceased members of the Kerr family. Mrs. Bowman presented Shelbie Sheppard a copy of the CD in memory of her parents, Walker and Lessie Cates, who often sang with the Kerr’s on their front porch. Mrs. Bowman thanked everyone for coming and invited them to come back next year. Ed Thacker offered the noon prayer.


The afternoon session began with Henry Johnson leading 338. Leaders: Evelyn Harris 30t; 47t; Virginia Dyer 340, 454; Michael Turner 358, 45t; Judy Chambless 40, 82t; John Plunkett 321 (in memory of Milton Oliver); Dennis George 319; Ed Thacker 472; Reba Windom 318; S.T. Reed 44; B.M. Smith 99; Oscar McGuire 155; Shannon Primm 168; Robert Chambless 145b; Bud Oliver 421; Rodney Ivey and Donna Bell 430; Cecil Roberts 399b; Jeff Sheppard 273; Karen Rollins 141 (by request of Lonnie Rogers); Judy Caudle 138b; Lonnie Rogers 343; Eunice Webb 328; Mary Jo Shafer 159; Tony Hammock 428; Virginia Dyer 269 (in memory of her aunt, Lessie Cates); Michael Turner 59; Shelbie Sheppard 263 (in memory of Uncle Jack Kerr).

Announcements were made. Henry Johnson, Tony Hammock, and Donna Bell led 97 as the closing song. Cecil Roberts dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Henry Johnson; Vice Chairman—Tony Hammock; Secretary—Donna Bell