Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Alaska Sacred Harp Convention

United Methodist Church, Sitka, Alaska

October 24-25, 2008

Friday, October 24

The 1st Alaska Sacred Harp Convention was held at the United Methodist Church in Sitka, Alaska, on Friday evening and Saturday before the fourth Sunday in October. Karen Willard of Buckley, Washington, conducted a singing school Friday evening teaching the rudiments, and giving an overview of the Sacred Harp tradition.

Saturday, October 25

Kari Lundgren called the class to order Saturday morning by leading 49t. Pastor Trent Baggett offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: David Kreiss-Tomkins 117; Karen Willard 40; Iris Klingler 45t; Sher Schwartz 354b; Ken Hallock 171; Connie Stanton 565; Jackie Digannaro 68b; Steve Helwig 32t; Tom Crane 49b; Heidi Ekstrand 159; Denise Klingler 107; Sara Beaber-Fujioka 63; Kenley Jackson 38b; Connie Stanton 276; Marty Braun 277.


Karen Willard called the class back to order by leading 30t. Leaders: Sylvia Friske 198; Tom Crane 341; Kari Lundgren 344; Julia Smith 345t; David Kreiss-Tomkins 112; Mary Kambak 60; Steve Helwig 312b; Jackie Digannaro 493; Sher Schwartz 479; Karen Willard 59; Iris Klingler 47t; Ken Hallock 155; Sara Beaber-Fujioka 350.


Steve Helwig called the class back to order by leading 448b. Leaders: Denise Klingler 337; Heidi Ekstrand 457; Nancy Jo Bleier 27; Karen Willard 142; David Kreiss-Tomkins 268; Hilloah Courtney 569b. Pastor Trent Baggett blessed the noon meal.


Kari Lundgren brought the class back to order by leading 178. Leaders: Iris Klingler 288; Sher Schwartz 146; Ken Hallock 373; Sylvia Friske 313t; Sara Beaber-Fujioka 434; Tom Crane 82t; Connie Stanton 87; Steve Helwig 535; Denise Klingler 299; Julia Smith 502; Heidi Ekstrand 267; Kari Lundgren 31t; Nancy Jo Bleier 81b; Karen Willard 106.


Ken Hallock called the class back to order by leading 347. Leaders: Sher Schwartz 388; Tom Crane 84; Connie Stanton 549; David Kreiss-Tomkins 385b; Sylvia Friske 345t; Steve Helwig 551; Denise Klingler 147t; Sara Beaber-Fujioka 31b; Julia Smith 36t; Kari Lundgren 38t.

A business session was held for the purpose of hearing committee reports. Julia Smith reported that 32 people had registered with 20 leaders singing 60 songs. Singers attended from Portland and Eugene, Oregon; Buckley, Washington; Ketchikan and Sitka, Alaska. Treasurer Denise Klingler reported that all expenses had been met through generous donations. Connie Stanton offered the Resolutions Report thanking all involved in the Saturday singing and Friday evening singing school. It was resolved that the Second Annual Alaska Sacred Harp Singing Convention will be held on Friday evening and Saturday before the fourth Sunday in October, 2009.

Kari Lundgren and David Kreiss-Tomkins led 45t as the closing song. Pastor Trent Baggett offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Kari Lundgren; Vice Chairman—David Kreiss-Tomkins; Secretary—Steve Helwig