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Illinois State Sacred Harp Convention

Christian County Historical Museum, Taylorville, Illinois

September 20-21, 2008

Saturday, September 20

The 24th annual session of the Illinois State Sacred Harp Convention was opened by Terry Hogg leading 49t. He then offered the opening prayer, welcomed the singers and made announcements. The books used were The Sacred Harp, 1991 edition, and the Missouri Harmony, 2005 revision (MH).

The following officers and committees were previously elected or appointed: Chairman—Terry Hogg; Co-Chairman and Secretary—Janet Fraembs; Treasurer—Barbara A. Moore; Chaplains—Tom Anderson, Mark Graber, Don Baker, Berkley Moore; Arranging Committee—Barbara A. Moore, Berkley Moore, Marsha Barr; Finance Committee—Barbara Moore, Barry Pidcock; Memorial Committee—Peggy Brayfield, Becky Browne; Steering Committee—Terry Hogg, Berkley Moore, Peggy Brayfield, Janet Fraembs, Lori Graber.

Leaders: Janet Fraembs 59; Peggy Brayfield 53; Lori Graber 128; Berkley Moore 67; Joan Aldridge 63; Jan Ketelle 168; Dorothy Amare 155; Darrell Swarens 142; Cathryn Bearov 318; John Seaton 47t; Bob Meek 209; Wayne Dell 277; Patricia Lazicki 203; David Rust 268; Penny Kujawinski 102; Ryan Wheeler 547; Bill Shetter 49b.


Terry Hogg brought the class back together leading 523. Leaders: James Page 13 (MH); Lou Kujawinski 272; Carol Munro Mosley 455; Karen Swenson 51 (MH); Kristie Harju 101b; Terry Hogg 180 (MH); Janet Fraembs 172 (MH); Peggy Brayfield 138 (MH); Lori Graber 297; Joan Aldridge 276; Jan Ketelle 89 (MH); Dorothy Amare 133; Darrell Swarens 542; Cathryn Bearov 148 (MH).


Terry Hogg called the class back to order leading 535. Leaders: John Seaton 84t; Bob Meek 145 (MH); Wayne Dell 178; Patricia Lazicki 166 (MH); Carol Munro Mosley 127 (MH); David Rust 200; Penny Kujawinski 180; Ryan Wheeler 139 (MH); Bill Shetter 546; James Page 66 (MH); Lou Kujawinski 56 (MH). Tom Anderson asked the blessing for the noon meal.


Terry Hogg called the class back together for the afternoon session leading 501. Leaders: Karen Swenson 142; Kristie Harju 106; Anita Shaperd 480; Terry Hogg 212; Berkley Moore 137 (MH); Janet Fraembs 532; Peggy Brayfield 8 (MH); Joan Aldridge 270; Jan Ketelle 75 (MH); Dorothy Amare 45 (MH); Darrell Swarens 146; Cathryn Bearov 244 (?); John Seaton 34t; Lori Graber 327; Bob Meek 314; Wayne Dell 235.


Darrell Swarens, Bob Meek, and Bill Shetter called the class back leading 96 (CB). Leaders: Patricia Lazicki 107; Carol Munro Mosley 370; Marlen Rust 313b; Penny Kujawinski 372; Ryan Wheeler 29 (MH); Bill Shetter 228; James Page 98 (MH); Lou Kujawinski 162 (MH); Karen Swenson 113 (MH); Terry Hogg 112; Berkley Moore 229; Janet Fraembs 335; Kristie Harju 312b; Anita Shaperd 29t; Peggy Brayfield 236; Jan Ketelle 430.

Following announcements, Terry Hogg led 46 and closed the Saturday session with prayer.

Sunday, September 21

The Sunday session was called to order by Terry Hogg leading 27 (MH). Mark Graber offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Janet Fraembs 87; Peggy Brayfield 48t; Lori Graber 569t; Wendy Popp 59; Richard Popp 277; Becky Browne 36b; Presley Barker 191; Don Baker 284; Don Bardsley 276; Lisa Bulawsky 86; Lissa Blood 179; Joan Aldridge 282; Anita Shaperd 142; Berkley Moore 114; David Rust 566; Penny Kujawinski 32t; Ryan Wheeler 34 (MH); Bill Shetter 138 (t? b?).


Ryan Wheeler called the class back together leading 278b. Leaders: James Page 67 (MH); Bill Rintz 68b; Gary Gronau 39b; Lou Kujawinski 477; Karen Swenson 103 (MH); Kristie Harju 215; Terry Hogg 43; Janet Fraembs 151 (MH); Peggy Brayfield and Karen Swenson 250; Lori Graber 372; Wendy Popp 335; Richard Popp 112; Becky Browne 168.


The class resumed singing with Karen Swenson leading 34b. Leaders: Presley Barker 89 (MH); Don Baker 56b; Don Bardsley 171.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Terry Hogg, Peggy Brayfield, and Becky Browne. Terry Hogg spoke for the following sick and shut-ins: Rochelle Lodder, John Etheridge, Johanna Fabke, Dick Dunagan, Bob Scorgie, Bob Anderson, Julie Vea, and Peg Pearson. Peggy Brayfield led 547 for the sick and shut-ins and noted how the words apply to our ailing world as well.

Becky Browne reminded us to be grateful for those singers who have gone before and to treasure their memories. She led 176t in memory of Edith Tate, Milton Oliver, Amanda Denson Brady—Alabama; Judith (Lee) Rogers—Georgia; Jeanette Lowry—Missouri; Pauline Childers—Michigan. She then closed the lesson with prayer. Don Baker offered the grace before the noon meal.


Terry Hogg called the afternoon session to order by leading 135. Leaders: Lisa Bulawsky 474; Lissa Blood 290; Bill Rintz 288; Joan Aldridge 228; Anita Shaperd 110; Berkley Moore 14 (MH); David Rust 270; Penny Kujawinski 175 (MH); Bill Shetter 180 (MH); Ryan Wheeler 124 (MH); James Page 71 (MH); Gary Gronau 135 (MH); Lou Kujawinski 142 (MH); Karen Swenson 74 (MH); Kristie Harju 101b; David Rust 123b.


Gary Gronau brought the class back together leading 148. Leaders: Terry Hogg 361; Janet Fraembs 448t; Peggy Brayfield 385t; Lori Graber 472; Wendy Popp 392; Richard Popp 175; Becky Browne 384; Presley Barker 481; Don Baker 74b; Don Bardsley 163b; Lisa Bulawsky 503; Lissa Blood 383; Bill Rintz 157 (MH); Anita Shaperd 496; Karen Swenson and Kristie Harju 99.

Announcements were made. The chairman thanked all who contributed to this great weekend of singing, eating, and fellowship. The secretary reported that eighty one songs were led on Saturday and seventy eight on Sunday. The total registered was 68 people from Illinois, Indiana, Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and New York.

Berkley Moore closed the final session with prayer and Terry Hogg led 347 as we all wished one another Christian’s Farewell.

Chairman—Terry Hogg; Co-Chairperson and Secretary—Janet Fraembs