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Northwestern Pennsylvania Sacred Harp Singing

Crossroads Community Baptist Church, Erie, Pennsylvania

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Gerry Hoffman called the class to order leading 34b, and introduced Aldo Ceresa, who taught a brief singing school. Aldo started by presenting a brief history of Sacred Harp singing, followed by covering the shapes and the scales, time signatures, accent, and the importance of observing rests. He then gave a brief overview of leading before ending. In the course of the singing school, Aldo lead 49b, 209, 436, 49t, 77b, and 446.


The class was called to order by Gerry Hoffman leading 101t. The opening prayer was offered by Katie White. Leaders: Laura Densmore 522; Ginny Landgraf 162; Joe Todd 373; Pleasance Crawford 524; Bud Briggs 49t; Anna Mays 171; Aldo Ceresa 318; Shirley Pfadt 107; Guy Bankes 474; Jo Schultz 361; Beth Todd 501; Stephen Syrell 479; Lamar Matthew 569b; Barbara Swetman 457; Kaleeya Furlow 45t; Oliver Kindig-Stokes 222; Eileen Metzger 159; Betsy Scheuerman 47b; Scott Luscombe 353; Ruth Wampler 383; Kelly Armor 178; Thom Metzger 192; Sue Neth 31t; Annie Grieshop 40; Cynthia Fuhrman 63; Chuck Crawford 300; Robert Schmalz 38b; Tiffany Vergato 347. The blessing for lunch was offered by David White.


Gerry Hoffman brought the class back together leading 128. Leaders: Eileen Metzger 58; Marita Straffin 276; Oliver Kindig-Stokes 142; Katie White 39t; Ruth Wampler 84; Bob Rhodes 85; Ginny Landgraf 81t; Guy Bankes 549; Annie Grieshop 384; Sue Beates 319; Scott Luscombe 112; Denah Bookstein 547; Patrick Hersch 564; Beth Todd 284; Anna Mays 419; Joe Todd 102; Betsy Scheuerman 83t; Guy Bankes 68b; Pleasance Crawford 446.


Barbara Swetman brought the class back together leading 148. Leaders: Lamar Matthew 35; Laura Densmore 542; Chuck Crawford 47t; Jo Schultz 234; Barbara Swetman 179; Thom Metzger 236; Cynthia Fuhrman 254; Brian How 114. At this time, announcements of upcoming singings were made.

Leaders: Katie White 267; Annie Grieshop 344; Ginny Landgraf 465; Chuck Crawford 72b; Ruth Wampler 369; Aldo Ceresa 512; Anna Mays 298; Oliver Kindig-Stokes 292; Pleasance Crawford 476; Guy Bankes 327.

Gerry Hoffman extended thanks for the help making this first Northwestern Pennsylvania singing a success, and led 146 as the closing song. Lamar Matthew offered the ending prayer.

Chairman—Gerry Hoffman; Secretary—Marita Straffin