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Mississippi State Sacred Harp Singing Convention

Antioch Primitive Baptist Church, Scott County, Forest, Mississippi

August 23-24, 2008

Saturday, August 23

The 80th session of the Mississippi State Sacred Harp Singing Convention convened at Antioch Primitive Baptist Church on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in August, for two days of worship in song service to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, when and where the following proceedings were had, to wit:

President Mark Davis called the meeting to order and led 101t. Chaplain Arlon Gardner offered the opening prayer. Appreciation and thanks were extended to Bro. Alfred Bailey and to the people of Antioch Church for hosting the singing. Bro. Alfred Bailey extended a welcome to all.

Leaders: Mark Davis 74b; John L. Van Horn 270, 215; Arlon Gardner 277, 163t; Jean Gray and Haley Gray 63, 82t; Hugh Bill McGuire 83t, 39t.

Hugh McGuire, Tim Gray, and Mike McNeil were appointed as Business and Credentials Committee.

Leaders: John Merritt and Bruce Hedrick 488b (CB), 81t (CH); Robert Kelley 225t (CB), 178; John Plunkett 28t (CH), 32b; Hugh McGuire 424, 40; Billy Hollingsworth 507b (CB) and 319 (CH).


The class resumed singing when Mark Davis led 176b. Leaders: T.J. Funderburk 47b, 569b; Mike McNeil 282, 522 (CB); John Hollingsworth 384, 460; Mark Davis 117 (CH) (by request from Alfred Bailey); Bobby Caldwell and Mark Davis 157 (CH), 58t (CH); Renee Eady 171, 480; Natalie Davis 572 (CB), 79; Haley Gray and Tim Gray 284 (CH), 142 (CH). Arlon Gardner offered the blessing for the noon meal.


The afternoon session was called to order by Mark Davis leading 268 (requested by Chuck Howell). Leaders: Linda Funderburk and Mark Davis 393t (CB), 99, 38b; Bruce Hedrick 323 (CH), 303; Karen Swenson 214 (CH), 131 (CH); George Easley 34b, 523; Tim Gray 117, 200; Regina Derstine 440, 322 (CH); Drew McGuire 310t (CH), 355 (CH); Junie McNeil 43 (CH), 64 (CH); Henry McGuire 442, 430 (requested by taxi driver in San Francisco), 365.

On motion, seconded and carried, the current officers were re-elected: President—Mark Davis; Vice President—John Lee Van Horn; Secretary—Jean Gray; Assistant Secretary—Darlene Reynolds; Chaplains—W. M. Allen and Arlon Gardner.


The class was called back to order by Mark Davis leading 155. Ester Mann and Marsha Hedrick were appointed as the Memorial Committee by President Mark Davis. Leaders: John Plunkett 324 (CH); Karen Swenson 16 (CH); Robert Kelley 172 (CH); John Merritt and Brandon Melsoncon 571 (CB); Billy Hollingsworth 39b; Mike McNeil 204 (CH) (in memory of Benny Rigdon); Henry McGuire and Luke Laird 62; Hugh McGuire 358.

Motion was made and carried to adjourn until Sunday morning. The Drone was sung as the closing song. The convention was dismissed with prayer offered by Chaplain Arlon Gardner.

Sunday, August 24

Mark Davis opened the Sunday morning session by leading 30t. W. M. Allen offered the opening prayer. Mark Davis led 42, and then reminded everyone on committees about reports.

Leaders: John Van Horn 179, 67; Jean Gray 143, 288; W. M. Allen 75, 490; Arlon Gardner 201, 76b; Hugh Bill McGuire 274t, 209; Drew McGuire 108t, 573 (CB); Mark Davis 117.


The class was brought back together by John Van Horn leading 564. Leaders: Junie McNeil 145t, 319; Bruce Hedrick 78b (CH), 248 (CH); Hugh McGuire 137, 344 (CB); Karen Swenson 264 (CH), 299, 163b, 163t; Drew McGuire 269 (CH), 184. W. M. Allen offered prayer before the noon meal.


The singing resumed Sunday afternoon with Hugh McGuire leading 470 (OSH). Leaders: Mark Davis 234; Natalie Davis 354b, 345t (CH); Esther Mann 179, 188; Susan Duckie 178, 128; Brian Harrison 139, 457; Henry McGuire 78 (CB), 229; Mark Davis 129; John Van Horn 281b (CH); Arlon Gardner 454; W. M. Allen 282; Junie McNeil 503; Mark Davis 408, 128b (CH).

The memorial lesson was conducted by Marsha Hedrick and Ester Mann leading 155 and 235 in memory of the deceased.

Hugh McGuire presented the Resolutions Committee Report thanking Antioch Church, the singers, and those who brought food.


Leaders: John Van Horn 68b; Hugh Bill McGuire 313 (CH); Hugh McGuire 111b; Susan Duckie 59; Natalie Davis 343; Brian Harrison 284 (requested by his mother Judy Harrison and grandmother, Mrs. W. M. Allen); Marsha Hedrick 85, 206 (for Emma Lou Rigdon); Alfred Bailey 117 (CH) (by request of daughter and son-in-law).

Announcements were made. President Davis led “Drone” as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer offered by Chaplain W. M. Allen.

President—Mark S. Davis; Vice-President—John L. Van Horn; Secretary—Jean Gray