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Rhode Island All Day Singing

North Scituate Grange, North Scituate, Rhode Island

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The 5th annual Rhode Island All Day Singing was held at the North Scituate Grange in North Scituate, Rhode Island. Justin Squizzero called the class to order leading 101t. Liz Cantrell offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Kiri Miller 36b; Liz Cantrell and Pat Falcon 49t; Lynne DeBenedette 171; Charles Cofone 66; Miranda Elliott Rader 143; Joanne Bowman 569t; Owen Schmidt 268; Joanna Lampert 440; James Baumgartner 155; Bob Parr 142; Natalie Jablonski 312b; Charlie Hunter 277; Jim Picton 178; Anne Kazlauskas 125; Celia Devine 48t; Caitlin Thurrell 56b; Kelsey Sunderland 77t; Sheldon Finlay 39t; Tom Padwa 332; John Holbrook 415; Laura Borrelli 421; D.J. Hatfield 411.

A business session was called. Motions and votes established a regular formula for the dates of future Rhode Island All Day Singings as the Saturday before the third Sunday in April. The class voted to establish that the Vice Chairman for each present year serve as Chairman for the following year’s singing. The class then elected Kiri Miller as Vice Chairman for this year. The business session was adjourned.


Jennie Brown called the class back together leading 274t. Leaders: Linda Shea 475; Susan Willett 503; Jenna Strizak 81t; Amandeep Gill 59; Kelsey Wessels 108t; Bill Holt 327; Paula Picton 528; Ben Steckelberg 512; Jennie Brown 189; Chris Noren 29t; Laura Timmerman 556; Amy Finlay 430; Owen Schmidt 347; Natalie Jablonski 102; James Baumgartner 37b; Dana Borrelli 542; Allison Schofield 83b; Cindy Bean 106; Charlie Hunter 47b; Jim Bean 442; Caitlin Thurrell 146; Charles Cofone 569b; Joanne Bowman 203; Bob Parr 448t; Miranda Elliott Rader 410t; John Holbrook 38t. Charles Cofone offered a prayer for the noon meal.


Lynne DeBenedette brought the afternoon session to order leading 168. Leaders: Kelsey Wessels 218; Joanna Lampert 500; Allison Schofield 282; Kiri Miller 564; Jenna Strizak 384; Jennie Brown 456; Bill Holt 269; Paula Picton 546; Sheldon Finlay 460; Laura Borrelli 300; Anne Kazlauskas 316; Amy Finlay 306; D.J. Hatfield 212; Ben Steckelberg 480; Linda Shea 348b; Chris Noren 299; Laura Timmerman 34t; Liz Cantrell 496; Jim Bean 148; Pat Falcon 163b; Jim Picton 68b; Susan Willett 45t; Kamilah Tisdale 217; Tom Padwa 515; Cindy Bean 566; Celia Devine 362.


The class resumed singing with Joanna Lampert leading 228. Leaders: Charles Cofone 34b; Jennie Brown and Kelsey Sunderland 192; Justin Squizzero 436; Amy Finlay 186; Bill Holt and Bob Parr 419; Allison Schofield and John Holbrook 290; D.J. Hatfield 82t; Joanne Bowman 485; Chris Noren 209; Miranda Elliott Rader, Caitlin Thurrell, and Kamilah Tisdale 457; Tom Padwa 473; Jim Picton and Paula Picton 89; Liz Cantrell 107; Jim Bean, Cindy Bean, and Nate Bean 198; Sheldon Finlay and Kelsey Wessels 112; Laura Timmerman 323t; Pat Falcon 86; Kiri Miller and James Baumgartner 222; Anne Kazlauskas 201; Dana Borrelli and Laura Borrelli 454; Lynne DeBenedette and Kelsey Sunderland 182.

Justin Squizzero called for committee reports. The Treasurer reported all expenses had been met. The Secretary reported that over the course of the day 42 leaders led 100 songs.

Justin Squizzero, Kiri Miller, and Liz Cantrell led 62 as the closing song. Laura Timmerman offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Justin Squizzero; Vice Chairman—Kiri Miller; Secretaries—Pat Falcon and Liz Cantrell