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Chicago Anniversary Singing

Irish American Heritage Center, Chicago, Illinois

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The 24th Chicago Anniversary Singing was held at the Irish American Heritage Center, Chicago, Illinois, on the second Sunday in January. Judy Hauff and Melanie Hauff called the class to order leading 201. John Bayer offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Carol Mosley and Michael Mosley 142; Jim Helke 186; Rochelle Lodder 423; Charlie Derleth 348b; Steve Warner 475; Karen Isbell 56b; Anita Shaperd 216; Darrell Swarens 335; Orwin Youngquist 28t; James Eldridge 224; Ryan Wheeler 108b; Wayne Dell 277; Ginny Landgraf 567; Loraine Bayer 201; Sarah Kierstead 105; Nathan Rees 422; Rebecca Eldridge 215.


Melanie Hauff and Judy Hauff brought the class back to order leading 102.

A business meeting was called, and the following officers were elected: Chairpersons—Carol Mosley and Michael Mosley; Vice Chairperson—Molly Whedbee; Secretary—Jim Helke.

Leaders: Randy Neufeld 29t; Carol Medlicott 564; Doug Stapleton 474; Tracey Craig 569b; Jan Ketelle 168; Katherine Eldridge 354b; Jonathon Smith 137; Lisa Cohen 485; Susan Zurcher 143; Mark Dawson 299; Peter Bradley 228; Virginia Eldridge 569t; Wendy Wahn 178; Roger Crabtree 282; Anne Heider 171; Niel Gary 145b; Johanna Fabke 373.


Carol Mosley and Michael Mosley brought the class back to order leading 473. Leaders: Rachel Adelstein 334; Carol Crawford 312b; Debbie Barford 313b; Fred Schau 33b; Karen Swenson 300; Jeff Breting 163t; Sarah Burghardt 86; Megan Jennings 203; Jerry Enright 383.

Lisa Grayson spoke about the healing power of music and led 34t for the following sick and shut-ins: Amanda Denson, Bob Scorgie, Bob Anderson, Kelly Day, Richard Grayson, Cathryn Bearov, George Stapleton, Fran Lipman, Herb Schroeder, Keith Kernik, Gail Weinert, Kathryn Ghastin, Julie Vea, Mary Schuman, Rethalee Harpst, Andrea Nagy, and Clare Cardy. Richard DeLong added that Charlene Wallace had two sisters die recently and could use our support. He led 134 for her.

Tom Malone spoke about the memories that help bind us together and pointed out that we never know when we’ll see someone at a singing for the last time. He led 465 in memory of the following deceased: Jeanette Lowry—Missouri; Edith Tate, LaRue Allen, Elder Garnsey McGough, Flarce Creel—Alabama; Hubert Lovey Martin, Agnes Leary, Glen Ernst, Ruth Young, Ruth Grodzins, Martin Lakomiak—Illinois; Helen Russell—Pennsylvania; Minja Lausevic—Massachusetts; Paul Gilliland, Joy Swenson—Minnesota; Dennis Dilno—New York; and Gladys McGraw, Reby Stanford, Felton Denny—Georgia. John Bayer closed the memorial lesson with prayer. Ryan Wheeler offered a blessing for the noon meal.


Michael Mosley brought the class back to order leading 345t. Leaders: James Page 505; John Seaton 47t; Mary Doyle 229; Dave Barford 385b; Becky Browne 411; Jim Lawrie 63; Gary Gronau 377; Sue Kessell 362; Tom Malone 550; Hans Bayer 440; Steve Helwig 71; Adrian Eldridge 314; Jubal Bayer 84; Samuel Sommers 437; Sam Farwell 31t.

The Founders’ Lesson was led by Judy Hauff, Ted Johnson, Marcia Johnson, Ted Mercer, and Wendy Wahn 304.


Michael Mosley and Carol Mosley brought the class back to order leading 114. Leaders: Steven Schmidgall 136; John Bayer 513; Lisa Grayson 370; Jo Dell Albi 385t; Richard DeLong 349; Marcia Johnson 434; Dave Ressler 214; Jim Swanson 500; James Crawford 546; Ted Mercer 542; Judy Hauff 98 (in memory of Edith Tate); Ted Johnson 498; Jason Martin 236.

Carol Mosley thanked everyone who helped with the singing. The Finance Committee reported that expenses were more than covered. The Arranging Committee and Secretary reported that 81 songs were led by 73 leaders out of 122 registered singers from 8 states.

Carol Mosley, Michael Mosley, Jim Helke, and Ryan Wheeler led 347 as the closing song. Ryan Wheeler dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairpersons—Carol Mosley and Michael Mosley; Vice Chairperson—Molly Whedbee; Secretary—Jim Helke