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Kentucky State Sacred Harp Singing

Pisgah Presbyterian Church, Versailles, Kentucky

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The 26th annual Kentucky State Sacred Harp singing was convened at 9:05 a. m. with words of welcome from Keith MacAdam. Charles Coulston led 73b.

The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition, and Southern Harmony books were used.

The following officers were retained: Chairman—Charles Coulston; Secretary—Mary Brinkman.

Leaders: Keith MacAdam 155; Jim Thobaben and Charles Coulston 81t; Sharon Hill 277; Bob Sears and Keith MacAdam 59; Bob French 180; Ron Pen 146; Don Waggener 39 (SoH); Rob Coulston 178; Dale Epperson 440; Nikos Pappas 71; Phil Cullum 147b; Mike Grimes 32t; Margaret Foot and Keith MacAdam 63; Joy Dunn and Charles Coulston 209; Sarah Wood 186; Mary Brinkman 47b; Jeanine York 285b; Jillian Lykens 455; Sarah Kehrberg and Keith MacAdam 479.


The class resumed singing. Leaders: Keith MacAdam 128; Charles Coulston 344; Sarah Kehrberg 497; Rob Coulston 117; Bob French 313t; Nikos Pappas 269; Bob Sears and Rob Coulston 159; Ron Pen 322 (SoH); Don Waggener 213 (SoH); Mike Grimes 163b; Bob Meek 123 (SoH); Pat Holland and Nikos Pappas 45t; Elise Parsons and Don Waggener 354b; Joy Dunn and Charles Coulston 40.

The memorial lesson was conducted. Rob Coulston led 236 (in memory of Waleed Shaalan and other victims at Virginia Tech); Ron Pen 524, 69 (SoH) (for Homer Ledford and Dorothy Waggener Dixon); Sharon Hill 334 (for her grandmother, Mabel); Kevin Kehrberg 277 (in memory of Norman Higgins); Mike Grimes 28b (for Louise Bounette); Joy Dunn 452 (for Carl Mowbray); Bob Sears 373 (for Ewell Hargis and Wilma Hargis Mounce). The class sung 49t as a lunch blessing.


Rafi Finkel convened the afternoon session by leading 535. Leaders: Keith MacAdam 147t; Sarah Wood and Raphael Finkel 183; Sharon Hill 504; Nikos Pappas 457; Sarah Kehrberg 494; Keith MacAdam 569b; Charles Coulston 276; Laurel Cornell 143; Keith MacAdam 551; Nikos Pappas 142; Liz Meitzler 448t; Kevin Kehrberg 68t; Zach Davis 57; Bob French 245; Ron Pen 133; Don Waggener 58; Raphael Finkel “Lansdowne”; Rob Coulston 312b; Mike Grimes 384; Bob Meek 441; Pat Holland and Keith MacAdam 29t; Elise Parsons and Mike Grimes 496; Sarah Wood and Nikos Pappas 302; Sharon Hill 361; Sarah Kehrberg and Bob Meek 282; Keith MacAdam 196; Charles Coulston 528; Laurel Cornell 44; Ron Yost and Keith MacAdam 47t; Kevin Kehrberg and Rafi Finkel 107; Liz Meitzler 77t; Nikos Pappas 220; Zach Davis 495; Bob French 223; Liz Meitzler 512.

Announcements were made. The singing was concluded with 267.

Chairman—Charles Coulston; Secretary—Mary Brinkman