Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Higher Ground Singing

United Ministry Center, Terre Haute, Indiana

June 8, 1996

Happiness and joy I’ve found; for I’m on much higher

ground...incidentally, for those who might not know, “Terre Haute” is French for “high ground”.

The first annual session of the Higher Ground Singing, a joint venture of the Bloomington, Indiana and Charleston Area, Illinois singers, was called to order at the United Ministry Center, Terre Haute, Indiana, with Dave Rust leading song on page 40. The following officers were elected: Chair—Marlen Rust; Vice Chair—Don Bardsley; Secretary—Janet Fraembs; Co-Chaplains—Laurel Cornell and Lee Steinmetz; Memorial Committee—Daryl Mayberry and Terry Hogg; Arranging Committee—Don Bardsley and Marlen Rust. The opening prayer was offered by Lee Steinmetz. Leaders: Lee Steinmetz 565; Don Bardsley 497; Marlen Rust 178; Janet Fraembs 68b; Carolyn Craig 141; Daryl Mayberry 48t; Mike Veech 547; Janet Borman 34 (t? b?); John Bailey 340; Laurel Cornell 49 (t? b?); Dorothy Glanzer 72 (t? b?); Molly Evans 107; Donna Purdom 454; Terry Hogg 501; Karen Hojnacki 178; Dave Rust 146; Bill Shetter 147 (t? b?); Don Bardsley 335.


Marlen Rust brought the class back to order leading song on page 84. Leaders: Lee Steinmetz 491; Jim Solheim 218; Carolyn Craig 373; Janet Fraembs 532; Daryl Mayberry 475; Mike Veech 228; Janet Borman 66; Laurel Cornell 236; John Bailey 145 (t? b?); Dorothy Glanzer 324; Karen Hojnacki 220; Molly Evans 203.


Don Bardsley brought the afternoon session together leading song on page 87. Leaders: Molly Evans 86; Donna Purdom 48b; Peggy Brayfield 481; Terry Hogg 112; Bill Shetter 448 (t? b?); Lee Steinmetz 163 (t? b?); Jim Solheim “Missouri Harp”, his original composition; Carolyn Craig 182; Janet Fraembs 455; Mike Veech 128; Daryl Mayberry 385 (t? b?); Janet Borman 159; John Bailey 384; Laurel Cornell 143; Dorothy Glanzer 65.


The class resumed singing with Marlen Rust leading song on page 38t. Leaders: Karen Hojnacki 198; Molly Evans 489; Donna Purdom 126; Peggy Brayfield 504; Terry Hogg 155; Bill Shetter 515; Lee Steinmetz 154; Daryl Mayberry 421; Don Bardsley 528; Janet Borman 63; John Bailey 361; Laurel Cornell 254. The memorial lesson was held with Marlen Rust leading song on page 47b for the deceased: Daniel Fraembs was remembered. Daryl Mayberry led song on page 368 for the sick and shut-ins: Pam Nitz was named. Leaders: Dorothy Glazner 73b; Karen Hojnacki 192. Laurel Cornell offered the closing prayer and led the “Parting Hand”.

Singers from Bloomington and Evansville, Indiana; Charleston, Mattoon, Hazel Dell, Decatur, Rockford, and Elgin, Illinois; East Troy, Wisconsin; and St. Louis, Missouri were present.

Chair—Marlen Rust; Vice Chair—Don Bardsley; Secretary—Janet Fraembs.