Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Doss Memorial Singing

Sardis Baptist Church, Morris, Alabama

May 26, 1996

The annual Doss Memorial Sacred Harp Singing was held the fourth Sunday in May. The singing was called to order by acting chairman, Lora Cargo, in the absence of Chairman Floyd Screws who could not serve due to illness. Lora Cargo led song on page 124. The morning prayer was led by David Branham. Lora Cargo led songs on pages 59 and 34 (t? b?). Leaders: Dolores Wilks 313 (t? b?); Dick Nail 108 (t? b?), 373; Keterina Sanders 389, 454; Gordon Wilkerson 434, 475; Ila Ingle 155, 30 (t? b?); John Hocutt 516; Flarce Creel 272, 73 (t? b?); John Jenkins 119, 64; Syd Caldwell 129, 171 in memory of his grandfather, J. L. Edge; Lora Cargo and Syd Caldwell 129 for Rosa Hughes who has recently been ill.


Lora Cargo led song on page 124 to bring the class to order. Leaders: Margaret Aderholt 203, 436; Bud Oliver 145 (t? b?), 384; Audrey Branham 45t, “Not Made With Hands”; Clayton Ezell 480, 225 (t? b?); Cecil Sanders 498; Mamie Jenkins with daughter Dorothy 112, 328; David Branham 145 (t? b?), 354 (t? b?); Tressie Adkins 217, 426 (t? b?).


Lora Cargo led song on page 124 to bring the class to order. Margaret Aderholt led song on page 319 for the sick and shut-ins. Cindy Franklin led song on page 146 for the loved ones that have passed away. Brother Tortorice led prayer to close the memorial service. Leaders: Gerstal Nail 40; Dolores Wilks and Kathleen Traywick 294. The pastor of the church, Chris Tortorice, welcomed everyone and led in prayer.


The afternoon session resumed with Lora Cargo leading songs on pages 124 and 101 (t? b?). Lora Cargo and Gordon Wilkerson led song on page 50 (t? b?). Leaders: Hugh McGraw 312 (t? b?), 512; G. C. Waldrep 546, 512; Willodean Barton 290, 391; Tim Whitaker 100, 460 in memory of Ira James; Ann Jett 269, 327; Aquilla Branham 143, 68 (t? b?); Buell Cobb 358, 138 (t? b?); Toney Smith 329; Wanda Capps 448 (t? b?), 142; Harrison Creel 111 (t? b?), 348 (t? b?); Peggy Holmes 378 (t? b?); Florence Garner 208; Cindy Franklin 503, 362; Whitney Branham 551, 274 (t? b?); Lida Mullins 339; Cassie Franklin and Shelley Capps 47 (t? b?), 37 (t? b?), 48 (t? b?); Dorothea McCowan 218, 196; Cohen Cafin 335; Jeanette Tynes 442, 273; Rosa Hughes 36 (t? b?), joined by Lora Cargo and Gordon Wilkerson; Arlon Tate 59. Lora Cargo led song on page 62 for the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer by Brother James Abel.

We would like to thank Lora Cargo for a job well done and wish Floyd Screws a speedy recovery, and hope he will be able to be with us next year from Texas.

Chairman—Floyd Screws; Acting Chairman—Lora Cargo; Vice Chairman and Arranging Committee—Dick Nail; Secretary—Dolores Wilks.