Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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State Line Church

Near Muscadine, Cleburne County, Alabama

Saturday, April 8, 2006

The annual Sacred Harp singing at State Line Church, just off U.S. Highway 78 at the Georgia/Alabama state line in Cleburne County, Alabama, was held on Saturday before the second Sunday in April. B.M. Smith brought the class to order leading 59. Elder Johnny Lee offered the morning prayer.

The class was organized with the following officers elected or appointed: Chairman—B.M. Smith; Vice Chairman—Rodney Ivey; Secretary—Mary Smith; Arranging—Bud Oliver.

Leaders: B.M. Smith 448b; Jeff Sheppard 392; Mary Smith 171; Rodney Ivey 428; Bud Oliver 145b; Helen Bryson 163t; Joyce Lambert 56t; Sandra Wilkinson 127; Jeremy Shipp 260; Karen Keller 178; Johnny Lee 175; Chris Chandler 159; Corrone Bryant 515; Judy Caudle 528; Donna Bell 74b; Stanley Edwards 448t; Bridgett Hill 129; Pleasance Crawford 381.


B.M. Smith led 123t to bring the class back to order. Leaders: LaRue Allen 328; Ted Mercer 123b; Karen Swenson 299; Henry Johnson 205; Chris Holley 277; Louis Hughes 408; Floy Wilder 422; Jerry Creason 38b; Jason Hollis 32t; Jenny Willard 274t; Brittany Lea 155; Scott DePoy 99; Richard Ivey 67; Robert Chambless 225t; Reba Windom 208; Mel Kersey 73b; Oscar McGuire 344; Lela Crowder 378b; Terry Wootten 185; Richard DeLong 419; Lou Cotney 172; Alex Chandler 35; John Plunkett 447; Audress Gurley 282.

Helen Bryson conducted the memorial lesson. Lela Crowder led 122 for the following deceased: Sgt. Phil Dodson, Nancy Allen, Sherri Edwards, and I.V. McWhorter—Georgia; Gerald Wootten, Pauline Howle, and Alice Edwards—Alabama; Mark Seiler—Maine; Travis Fuller—Massachusetts. Sandra Wilkinson led 72b for all the sick and shut-ins. The memorial was closed with prayer.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Rodney Ivey leading 88t. Leaders: Judy Chambless 531; Faye Hollis 460; Jeannette DePoy 475; Earlis McGraw 284; Eugene Forbes 546; Andy Morse 297; Charlene Wallace 192; Pam Nunn 220; B.J. Harris 503; Shelbie Sheppard 183; Ann Simpson 445; Evelyn Harris 39b; Rene Greene 222; Jenny Willard 318; Chris Holley 268; Richard Ivey 567; Johnny Lee 566; Bridgett Hill 440; Ruth Daniel 335; Corrone Bryant 147t; Karen Keller 39t; Terry Wootten 384; Oscar McGuire 485; Louis Hughes 83t; Reba Windom 196; Ted Mercer 411; Karen Swenson 173; Henry Johnson 418.

Announcements were made. B.M. Smith and Rodney Ivey led 146 as the closing song. Louis Hughes dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—B.M. Smith; Vice Chairman—Rodney Ivey; Secretary—Mary Smith.