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Chicago Anniversary Singing

Irish American Heritage Center, Chicago, Illinois

Sunday, January 8, 2006

The twenty-second Chicago Anniversary Singing was held in the Irish American Heritage Center, Chicago, Illinois, on the second Sunday in January. Anne Heider and Steve Warner called the class to order at 10:00 a.m. leading 34b. Susan Geil offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Cathryn Bearov 475; Bill Beverly 297; Julie Vea 192; Tom Malone 556; Debby Bujnocki 158; Jim Helke 438 (for Juanita and Marlin Beasley, in honor of their 50th wedding anniversary); Lisa Cohen 84; Bruce Holmes 146; Denise Kania 474; Wally Bloch 148.

A business meeting was held to elect the following officers: Co-Chairs—Anne Heider and Steve Warner; Vice-Chairs—Judy Hauff and Melanie Hauff; Chaplain—Susan Geil; Arranging Committee—Connie Karduck and Nick Pasqual; Assistant Secretary—Janet Miller; Secretary—Cathryn Bearov.

Leaders: Carol Crawford 540; Ryan Wheeler 31t; Ann Miczulski 30t; Nathan Barford 178; Cassie Franklin Allen 440; Peter Bradley 228; Wendy Popp 392; Jim Pfau 203; Johanna Fabke 114; Dave Barford 542; Jo Dell Albi 306; Jerry Enright 300.


Susan Geil called the class to order leading 565. Leaders: Jim Swanson 522; Amy Finley 107; Teddy Thomas and Judy Hauff 76b; Richard Popp 436; Molly Whedbee 335; Ted Mercer 430; Karen Swenson 120; Sam Sommer 380; Martha Beverly 171; Melanie Hauff 444; Gary Gronau 384; Clare Cardy 142; Sam Farwell 56b; Marcia Johnson 218; Doug Stapleton 485; Jan Ketelle 137.

Jim Swanson and Martha Beverly conducted the memorial lesson. Jim Swanson spoke about grief, read the names of those who are deceased, and led 69t in their memory: Frank Marrocco—Rhode Island; Al Frank, Violet Stark, Florence Roche, Jonathan Vromer, Bonnie Jones, and Howard Jones—Illinois; Dean Slaton—Indiana; Alice Mercer and Larry Olszewski—Tennessee; Phillip Dodson—Georgia; Ivalene Donaldson—Alabama; Mark Seiler—Maine; Kelly Beard—Texas; Philip Alderman—Missouri; Darlene McDanough—Minnesota.

Marcia Johnson stood and addressed Ted Mercer. She reminded the class of how we had sung a lesson for Ted at another Anniversary Singing when his father passed away. Now we were singing and honoring his mother. She spoke movingly of her personal gratitude for all of Ted’s work on behalf of Sacred Harp, and, on behalf of all of us, expressed our great thankfulness for the tirelessness of his gifts to us. The class then sang 501.

Martha Beverly gave a very moving account on behalf of the sick and shut-ins who have been sick in the past, those presently ill, and those who will become ill in the future, and encouraged us not to forget those who are ill but recovered enough to be with us at singings. She then led 340 in honor of the sick. Susan Geil closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Connie Karduck 498; Judy Hauff 536; Randy Neufeld 40; Karen Freund 215. Susan Geil offered prayer for the noon meal.


Melanie Hauff brought the class back to order leading 32t. Leaders: Jim Page 538; Lisa Grayson 419; Harriet Dart 229; Jim Crawford 186; Suzanne Flandreau 68b (for members of the Pilgrim Baptist Church that burned on January 6, leaving them with no building for their worship); Rochelle Lodder 36b; Ted Johnson and Teddy Thomas 385t; Sam Farwell 159; John Seaton 47t; Mary Doyle 162; Jeremy York 532; Becky Browne 224; Founders’ Lesson: Ted Mercer, Ted Johnson, Marcia Johnson, Judy Hauff, Melanie Hauff, and Connie Karduck 222; Suzanne Campbell 324; Orin Youngquist 28t; Meredith Boulet and husband 30b; Trancer 535.


Anne Heider and Steve Warner brought the class back to order leading 52t. Leaders: Molly Whedbee and Sarah Kierstead 105; Seamus Enright and Jerry Enright 47b; Euphonia Wieczorek 183; Jim Pfau 155; Cassie Franklin Allen 216; Sam Sommer 112; Amy Finley 106; Richard Popp 110; Denise Kania 208; Peter Bradley 163b; Jo Dell Albi 383; Tom Malone 240; Julie Vea 157; Gary Gronau 411; Martha Beverly 217; Jan Ketelle 368; Becky Browne 277; Bill Beverly 191.

Announcements and the following reports were made: the Finance Committee reported that our generosity more than covered expenses; the Arranging Committee reported the class sang 81 (t? b?) lessons, led by 79 leaders from eight states; Randy Neufeld presented the Resolutions Committee report.

Ann Heider and Steve Warner ked 347 as the closing song, and Susan Geil dismissed the class with prayer.

Co-Chairs—Anne Heider and Steve Warner; Vice-Chairs—Judy and Melanie Hauff; Assistant Secretary—Janet Miller; Secretary—Cathryn Bearov.