Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Savannah All-Day Singing

First Christian Church, Savannah, Georgia

Saturday, October 15, 2005

The first annual Savannah All-Day Singing was held at First Christian Church, Savannah, Georgia, on Saturday before the third Sunday in October. The singing was co-sponsored by the Savannah Folk Music Festival and local Savannah Sacred Harp singers. Gene Pinion brought the class together by introducing a one-hour singing school taught by Hugh McGraw. The class received instruction in major and minor scales; modes of time, and directing those modes; keying the music in comfortable range; practicing songs as examples; and the history of the Sacred Harp tradition. The following songs were used for practice: 49t, 217, 48t, 168. Leaders: Tom Ivey 49b, 186; Frank DeBolt 45t; Hugh McGraw 200; Shari Laist 452.


Hugh McGraw called the class back together leading 87. Wayne Robbins offered the opening prayer.

The class was organized for the day with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Gene Pinion; Vice Chairman—Frank DeBolt; Chaplain—Wayne Robbins; Secretary—Kathy Williams; Arranging—Tom Ivey; Treasurer—Jane Bridges.

Leaders: Gene Pinion 31t; Frank DeBolt 569b; Kathy Williams 68b, 208; Jane Bridges 473, 63; Janet Burnette 133, 40; Mollie Melvin 58, 268; Bob Cook 46, 457; Lucille Gunnels 310, 218; Sharon Strong 178, 112; Shari Laist 84; Tom Ivey 86, 290; Gene Pinion 99, 276; Hugh McGraw 232, 224. Wayne Robbins returned thanks for the noon meal.


The singing resumed for the afternoon session with Gene Pinion leading 101t. Leaders: Frank DeBolt 155, 64; Kathy Williams 515, 108t; Wayne Robbins 146, 277; Bob Cook 459; Lucille Gunnels 136, 137; Mallory Pearce 180, 300; Sharon Strong 479, 284; Shari Laist 282; Tom Ivey 66, 32t; Janet Burnette 117, 163b; Lucille Gunnels 34t, 269; Hugh McGraw 91, 154, 369; Gene Pinion 480, 503.


Frank DeBolt called the class back to order with 361 and 334. Leaders: Kathy Williams 285t, 77b; Bob Cook 523, 524; Mallory Pearce 191, 181; Sharon Strong 89, 501; Janet Burnette 335, 145b; Tom Ivey 497, 547; Hugh McGraw and Kathleen McClellan 72b, 159; Gene Pinion 327, 448b; Susan Trimble 380; Julia Pearce 47b; Hugh McGraw 81b.

In a short business session, singers voted to continue an annual singing in Savannah on Saturday before the second Sunday in October.

Gene Pinion, Frank DeBolt, Kathy Williams, and Wayne Robbins led 347 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Wayne Robbins, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Gene Pinion; Vice Chairman—Frank DeBolt; Secretary—Kathy Williams.