Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Central Ontario All-Day Singing

Church of St. Stephen-In-the-Fields, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Saturday, August 20, 2005

The second annual Central Ontario All-Day Singing was held at the Church of St. Stephen-in-the-Fields (Anglican), Toronto. Pleasance Crawford called the class to order at 10:00 a.m., extended a welcome to everyone, and led 47t. Sarah Shepherd offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chair—Pleasance Crawford; Co-Chair—Charles Crawford; Treasurer—Thomas Evers; Chaplain—Diane Holmlund; Secretary—Anne Evers.

Leaders: Pleasance Crawford 448b; Jo Schultz 34b; Hugh Thomas 72b; Anne Evers 178; Laurie Dempsey 146; Christina Ronzio 59; Charles Crawford 63; Tom Schultz 117; Gloria Thomson 276; Roger Geroux 40; Frank Griggs 203; Diane Holmlund 145t; Jan May 99; Pleasance Crawford 270; Jo Schultz 299; Hugh Thomas 64; Anne Evers 29t; Laurie Dempsey 268; Sue Hengelsberg 294.


The class resumed singing with Pleasance Crawford leading 335. Leaders: Christina Ronzio 300; Lois Hurt 551; Tom Schultz 47b; Roger Geroux 66; Frank Griggs 31t; Gloria Thomson 86; Diane Holmlund 567; Jan May 49b; Pleasance Crawford 391.

Diane Holmlund conducted the memorial lesson, and led 122 and 547 for the following: Dean Slayton—Indiana; Vi Stark—Illinois; Brother Roger of Taize-France; Philip Alderman—Missouri; Frank Connor—New Hampshire; John Meagher, Susan Goldberg, Carl Ray, David Graham, Elizabeth Lebrett, J.R. McKinney, Stu Allen, Gail, Helen Harrison, Sheila Nesbitt, Bettle Massett, Marlene Pruesse, Mary Ronzio, Rhonda Abrams, Zoya Ossipova, Denis Chenko, Lola, and Aunt Char Logan—Ontario. The memorial was closed. Anna Gruda offered the blessing on the noon meal.


Pleasance Crawford brought the afternoon session to order leading 481. Leaders: Jo Schultz 107; Chris Haller 351; Hugh Thomas 344; Laurie Dempsey 155; Anne Evers 147t; Thomas Evers 36b; Sue Hengelsberg 504; Christina Ronzio 85; Lois Hurt 49t; Tom Schultz 168; Roger Geroux 334; Harlin Knowles 84; Frank Griggs 189; Diane Holmlund 479; Jan May 503; Pleasance Crawford and Tony Laviola 282.


The class resumed singing with Gloria Thomson leading 454. Leaders: Chuck Crawford 569b; Jo Schultz 198; Chris Haller 87; Hugh Thomas 302; Anne Evers 186; Thomas Evers 135; Sue Hengelsberg 175; Lois Hurt 452; Tom Schultz 39t; Roger Geroux 145b; Harlin Knowles 124; Frank Griggs 324; Diane Holmlund 332; Jan May 171; Pleasance Crawford 524; Gloria Thomson 183; Chuck Crawford 378t; Jo Shultz 489.

Announcements were made. Pleasance Crawford led 347 as the closing song. Sarah Shepherd offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chair—Pleasance Crawford; Co-Chair—Charles Crawford; Secretary—Anne Evers.