Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Shady Grove Primitive Baptist Church

Winston County, Alabama

June 25-26, 2005

Saturday, June 25

The annual Sacred Harp singing on the fourth Sunday and Saturday before in June at Shady Grove Primitive Baptist Church was called to order by Dawson Adams leading 39t. The morning prayer was offered by Stephen Metcalf-Conte. Dawson Adams led 39b.

The class was organized with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Kermit Adams; Vice Chairman—Travis Keeton; Secretary—Roma Rice; Arranging Committee—Josie Hyde.

Leaders: Kermit Adams 85, 99; Roma Rice 290 (for Bernice Watts, who is in the nursing home), 371; Clarence McCool 349, 348b, 68b; Nellie Alexander 340, 100; Butch White 30b, 159, 565; Betty Baccus 418, 373, 284; John Hyde 104, 179, 73t; Stephen Metcalf-Conte 101b, 421, 369.


Travis Keeton brought the class back to order leading 176b and 496. Leaders: Rachel Allred 217, 276; Wilton Donaldson 317, 75; Lena Keeton 88t, 137, 546; Richard Mauldin 63, 36b, 168; Amber Davis 454 (in memory of Henry George), 499b; Velton Chafin 35, 34b; Susan Allred 56t, 324.


Kermit Adams called the class back to order by leading 78. Leaders: Glenn Keeton 278t, 285t, 163b; Jennifer Allred 89, 391; Seth Allred 101t, 203; Mary Holcomb 105, 125; Ryan Hale 192, 358; Adam Hale 196, 235; Kenneth Fannin 434, 436; Emily Jones 74t, 65; Will Allred 282, 274t, 87; Carol Fannin 503, 399b; Caleb Allred 312b, 82t, 29t; Steve Adams and Amber Davis 401, 101t; Josie Hyde 43.

Kermit Adams led 37b as the closing song. Richard Mauldin dismissed the class with prayer.

Sunday, June 26

Kermit Adams called the class to order leading 31b. Stephen Metcalf-Conte offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Kermit Adams 31t, 317; Roma Rice 128, 129, 144; Richard Mauldin 72b, 73t, 378t; Nellie Alexander 146, 81t; Stephen Metcalf-Conte 448b, 49b, 410t; Lea Boral 312b, 358, 79; Dawson Adams 77t, 68b, 535.


Travis Keeton called the class back to order leading 48t, 82t, and 141. Leaders: Lorene Gray 47t, 46; Steve Adams and Lea Boral 101t, 45t, 56t; Barbara Cooksey 143, 61, 337.

A memorial lesson was held for the following people who passed away during the past year: Gladys Bonds, John Hocutt, Ivalene Donaldson, Kitty Foster, Bobby Watts, and Lecil Stewart. Also included were Dee Young, David Young, and Mertie Hood, who passed away in previous years. Roma Rice led 50b and 425 for the deceased.


Kermit Adams called the class back to order leading 85 and 78. leaders: Carla Morris 145b, 145t, 183; Loretta Whitman 147t, 108b, 334; Emily Jones 303, 335, 74b; Tim Gilmore 313t, 176b, 270, 76b; Cecil Wakefield 480, 282, 159, 294; Nellie Alexander 108t; Sara Berry 59, 388; Betty Clayborn, Mary Godsey, and Kimberly Godsey 100, 87; Lera Pollock 175, 176t; Josie Hyde 188; Travis Keeton 312t; Steve Adams and Stephen Metcalf-Conte 331; Albert White “Family Who Prays”, “Preach the Gospel”; John Thompson, Sara Berry, and Josie Hyde 45t.

Kermit Adams led 39t as the closing song. Cecil Wakefield dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Kermit Adams; Vice Chairman—Travis Keeton; Secretary—Roma Rice.