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Maquoketa River Singing

Maquoketa, Iowa

Saturday, June 11, 2005

The fourth annual Maquoketa River Singing was called to order at the Salvation Army Citadel in Maquoketa, Iowa, on Saturday before the second Sunday in June by Chair Annie Grieshop leading 84. Michael Moore offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve : Chair—Annie Grieshop; Secretary—Kathy Kaiser; Memorial—Martha Beverly, Julie Vea, and Jan Ketelle.

Leaders: Michael Moore 276; Kathy Kaiser 485; Becky Browne 366 (?); Nick Pasqual (in memory of Dean Slaton) 179; Jan Ketelle 168 (for Jeanette Lowry); Paul Wyatt 177; Penny Kujawinski 430; Martha Beverly 171; Gary Gronau 272; Val Dunagan and Dick Dunagan 66; Ginny Landgraf 564; Julie Vea 385 (t? b?); Francis Gurtz 448t; Jim Page “Plum Grove Church”.


Denise Kania called the class back to order leading 63. Leaders: Lou Kujawinski 368; Jim Pfau 480; Peter Bradley 163b; Karen Swenson 40; Collette Gurtz 436; Dave Gardner 178; Lisa Cohen 148; Katie Moore and David Moore 384; Rochelle Lodder 372; Claire Cardy 142; Bill Beverly 547.

Martha Beverly opened the memorial lesson by speaking about the ways in which Sacred Harp has changed her life by bringing new friendships, growth in blessedness, and loss of her “judgmental ways”. The singing has brought relationships that have lasted through the death of singers, and it brings us comfort and joy in times of stress. The deceased remembered were Philip Alderman and Ken Breckner—Missouri; Darlene McDonough, Regina Kania, and Pat Glatzmaier—Minnesota; Dean Slaton—Indiana; Kelly Beard—Texas; John Hocutt and Ivalene Donaldson—Alabama; Andrew Belz—Iowa; Tom Gibney—New Jersey; Roxanna Mennella—New York; David Von Allen Hotaling—Washington; Nick Pender—Georgia. Martha Beverly led 270 in memory of the deceased, especially Ivalene Donaldson.

Jan Ketelle spoke of how the meaning of singing from the Sacred Harp has grown for her. So many people have favorite songs, and we can picture those people as we sing those songs, even after they are gone. Jan Ketelle led 460 in memory of Dean Slaton, who led that song the last time she saw him.

Julie Vea spoke of the growing meaning of seeing names on the sick and shut-ins list and how badly she felt when she couldn’t attend the Midwest Convention due to illness. We all need to know that others think of us when we are ill. Those on the list were Jeanette Lowry—Missouri; Larry Olszewski—Tennessee; Brendan Cardy, Violet Stark, Al Frank, Doris Littrell, and Steve Warner—Illinois; Bob Scorgie, Bob Anderson, and Nick Fabke—Wisconsin; Flarce Creel—Alabama; Graham Pugh—United Kingdom. Julie Vea led 472 in honor of the sick and shut-ins, and Michael Moore concluded the memorial with prayer.

Leaders: Penny Kujawinski 180; Paul Wyatt 535b; Becky Browne 411; Jim Page 538.


Annie Grieshop reconvened the singing with 87. Leaders: Michael Moore 144; Nick Pasqual 313b; Val Dunagan 474; Frances Gurtz 65; Charlotte Baldwin 383; Gary Gronau 216; Stephen Metcalf-Conte 421; Denise Kania 217; Jim Pfau 282; Kathy Kaiser 203; Collette Gurtz 183; Ginny Landgraf 419; Claire Cardy 302; Peter Bradley 365.


Bill Beverly called the class back to order with 110. Leaders: Dick Dunagan 106; Karen Swenson 107; Jan Ketelle 45t; Rochelle Lodder 31t; Lisa Cohen 504; Lou Kujawinski 274t; Katie Moore and David Moore 79; Dave Gardner 56b; Stephen Metcalf-Conte 296; Charlotte Baldwin 47b; Martha Beverly 542; Jim Page 26; Julie Vea 327; Francis Gurtz 500; Penny Kujawinski 102; Paul Wyatt and Nancy Wyatt 441.


Becky Browne called the class back leading 29t. Leaders: Nick Pasqual 58; Gary Gronau 362; Claire Cardy 457; Bill Beverly 297; Collette Gurtz 193; Val Dunagan and Dick Dunagan 475; Denise Kania and Jim Pfau 137; Penny Kujawinski and Lou Kujawinski 352; Annie Grieshop 344. The closing song on page 347 was sung, and Michael Moore dismissed the class with prayer.

Chair—Annie Grieshop; Secretary—Kathy Kaiser.