Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Huntsville Sacred Harp Singing

Burritt Museum, Huntsville, Alabama

Saturday, April 30, 2005

The twenty-first annual Huntsville Sacred Harp Singing was held in the Old Country Church on the grounds of Burritt Museum, located atop Monte Sano Mountain in Huntsville. The singing was called to order at 9:30 a.m. with Chairman Linton Ballinger leading 32t. Louis Hughes offered the morning prayer.

The class organized by selecting the following additional officers: Vice Chairman—David Ivey; Secretary—Amanda Ballinger; Arranging Committee—Lomax Ballinger.

Leaders: David Ivey 316; Lomax Ballinger 29t; Doyce Bailey 147t; Amanda Ballinger 186; Sam Jones 146; Richard Ivey 228; Judy Caudle 210; Gary Leopold 159; Robert Walker 510; Gravis Ballinger 300; Emily Creel 384; Ken Robinson 68b; Betty Wright 348b; Coy Ivey 137; Teresa Hope 441; Ron Harper 344; Jeannette DePoy 328; Louis Hughes 512; Ann Miczulski 30t; Max Berueffy 193; Leon Ballinger 327.


The class resumed singing with Stuart Ivey leading 350. Leaders: Ed Thacker 192; Tina Leopold 155; Donald Jones, Frances Jones, and Angela Jones 358; Gene Seider 128; Elene Stovall 430; J.L. Hopper 369; Mark Carroll 63; Lynne deBenedette 383; Caleb Allred 312b; Adam Hale 196; Drew Smith 385b; Rachel Allred 411; Ryan Hale 36b; Phillip Ballinger 340; Michael Thompson 436.


The class resumed singing with Rodney Ivey leading 81t. Leaders: Charles McCravy 145t; Naomi Frick and Karen Bahler 117; Kenneth Fannin 503; Allison Ivey 187.

David Ivey led 33b for the memorial lesson. The following sick and shut-ins were remembered: Jap Walton, Joyce Walton, Jeff Sheppard, Shelbie Sheppard, Jeanette Lowry, Jack Lacey, Violet Thomason, John Hyde, Josie Hyde, Edith Tate, and Bud Oliver.

The following deceased were remembered: Hershell King, Ronnie Meadows, Ivalene Donaldson, Ruth Brown, Mercer Brown, Robert Morris, Clara Dulaney, Tom Gibney, Judy Seider, Kelly Beard, Phil Tabor, Lois DePoy, Tom DePoy, John Hocutt, Rayburn Humber, Mavis Price, and Sherry Guthery. Sam Sommers closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: David Killingsworth 53; Betty Shepherd 216; Will Allred 87; Laura Hale 480; Loyd Ivey 283; Robin Smith 99; S.T. Reed 428; Mary Holcombe 360; Charles Meidinger 352; Bob Simmons 569b.


The afternoon session was called together by David Ivey leading 50b. Leaders: Earl Ballinger 177; Henry Johnson 390; Glenda Hopper 33t; Mark Brown 515; Brittany Lea 313t; Sam Sommers 112; Beth O’Dell 442; Shane Wootten 421; Jennifer Allred 426b; Brad Bahler 114; Karen Freund 542; Danny Creel 222; Seth Allred 203; Larry Ballinger 151; Karen Ivey 440; Jerry Enright 377; David Light 200; Delone Cobbs 161; Andrew Fairless and Elise Fairless 308; Judy Caudle 195; Leon Ballinger 313b; Rodney Ivey 500; Lynne deBenedette 182; Louis Hughes 76b; Betty Shepherd 101t; Max Berueffy and Karen Ivey 532; Jennifer Allred 391; Shane Wootten 105; Sam Sommers 380; Beth O’Dell 546; Danny Creel 269; Karen Freund 224; Allison Ivey, Richard Ivey, and Stuart Ivey 215; Drew Smith 270.

Following announcements, Chairman Linton Ballinger and Vice Chairman David Ivey led 46 as the closing song. Ron Harper led the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

The 2006 session of this singing will meet on Saturday, May 6th at Burritt Museum.

Chairman—Linton Ballinger; Vice Chairman—David Ivey; Secretary—Amanda Ballinger.