Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Golden Gate Singing

San Francisco, California

Saturday, April 23, 2005

The first annual Golden Gate Singing was held at the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House in San Francisco, California on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in April.

Jill Accetta welcomed singers at 9:30 a.m., and led 47t. David Fetcho offered the opening prayer.

A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chair—Jill Accetta; Vice Chair—Betty Marvin; Secretaries—Jeannette Ralston and Terry Moore; Arranging Committee—Natalia Cecire and Carolyn Deacy; Chaplain—David Fetcho; Memorial Committee—Marie Brandis and Susan Fetcho; Finance Committee—Chris Thorman. The business session was closed.

Leaders: Jill Accetta 276; Betty Marvin 52t, 30t; Terry Moore 523, 209; Chris Thorman 475, 38b; David Fetcho 228, 77t; Kristen Zoellner 39t, 448t; Bob Brylawski 497, 163t; Greg Freemon 198, 285t; Laura Russell 545, 298.


Mark Miller led 29t to bring the class back to order. Leaders: David Wright 326; Shelby Sampson 30b; Eric Holt 37b; Searle Whitney 39b; Shelley Phillips 506; Carolyn Deacy 324; Will Fitzgerald 86; Connie Stanton 66; Alice Sharp 102; Shaffiq Welji 168.


Chris Thorman brought the class back to order by leading 155. Leaders: Matthew Sellens 442; Mary Mack 454; Linda Selph 49b; Duncan MacLeod 340; Eli Wise 65.

Susan Fetcho conducted the memorial lesson and led 163b. Marie Brandis led 34t for the sick and shut-ins.

Leaders: Jack Balthier 269; Jeannette Ralston 175; Jenn Dolan 160b; Philip Gerrie 540; Steve Lazicki 148; Colin Kinlund 131t; Susan Fetcho 430; Gary Plough 70b; Marie Brandis 245.


Kiri Miller led 388 to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Cobb 146; Aaron Girard 376; Holly Laws 142; Mark Miller 183; Jessica Beer 455; Megan Jennings 504; Hugh McGuire 182; Laura Russell 270; David Wright 216; Eric Holt 569b; Marie Brandis 328; Jenn Dolan 551; Matthew Sellens 26; Shelley Phillips 352; Duncan MacLeod 89; Kiri Miller 384; Jeff Gauthier 408; Connie Stanton 108t; Cobb 106; Mary Mac 361; Alice Sharp 344; Steve Lazicki 312b; Natalia Cecire 501; Greg Freemon 45t; Lara Eilhardt 162; Aaron Girard 76b; Valerie Zimmer and Susan Fetcho 178; Paul Robinson 189; Will Fitzgerald 144; Dan Wolk 282.


Garry Plough brought the class back to order by leading 101b. Leaders: Linda Selph 68b; Jeannette Ralston 324; Colin Kinlund 107; Holly Laws 378b; Jessica Beer 82t; Chris Thorman 362; Megan Jennings 436; Terry Moore 218; Mark Miller 354t.

Announcements were made. It was announced that there were eight states in attendance: California—70; Illinois—1; Massachusetts—3; Michigan—1; New York—1; Oregon—10; Texas—1; Washington—1.

Jill Accetta led 278t. David Fetcho led 481 as the closing song, and dismissed the class with prayer.

Chair—Jill Accetta; Vice Chair—Betty Marvin; Secretaries—Jeannette Ralston and Terry Moore.