Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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FaSoLa All Day Singing

St. Vincent Antiochian Orthodox Church, Omaha, Nebraska

Saturday, April 2, 2005

The seventh session of the FaSoLa All Day Singing was held at St. Vincent Antiochian Orthodox Church in Omaha, Nebraska, on Saturday before the first Sunday in April. Jenni Wallace-Grate called the class to order at 10:00 a.m., welcomed everyone, and led 47t. Sandra Squires offered the morning prayer. Jenni Wallace-Grate led 31t.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chair—Jenni Wallace-Grate; Arrangements—Jim Wood; Treasurer—Sandra Squires; Secretary—Jon Pearson.

Leaders: Charles Scudder 31b, 39t; Jeffrey Bell 388, 30t; Dave Ressler 37b, 36b; Denise Kania 29t, 40; Lou Kujawinski 203, 49b; Becky Browne 32t, 215; Jon Pearson 569b, 349; Patricia Doss 39b, 171; Aura Lee Furgason 112, 143.


Alice Love brought the class to order leading 46 and 45t. Leaders: Kathy Wood “Nebraska” (original composition), 87; Jim Solheim 419, “Missouri Harp” (original composition); Paul Lindholm 168, 532; Sharla Hulsey 198, 35; Judi Duerr 504, 268; Sue Pearson 344, 350; Becky Browne 42, 186; Lou Kujawinski 53, 217; Denise Kania 106, 142. Judi Duerr offered the blessing before the noon meal leading 49t.


Jenni Wallace-Grate brought the class to order leading 535 and 147t. Leaders: Dave Ressler 300, 448t; Patricia Doss 214, 270.

Sandra Squires conducted the memorial lesson and Lou Kujawinski led 163b for the following deceased: John Hocutt—Alabama; Darlene McDonough and Regina Kania—Minnesota; Bruce Remmich—Montana; Wilson Murley and Steve White—Iowa; Kelly Beard—Texas; Jerry Matejka—Missouri; Charlotte Corell, Allan Mactier, and Sheila Swirczek—Nebraska.

Sharla Hulsey offered a prayer for the sick and shut-ins, and Lou Kujawinski led 510 in their honor. The following sick and shut-ins were remembered: Jeanette Lowry—Missouri; Duane Haley (the mother of Annie Grieshop) and Benjamin Meeks—Iowa; Beth Bornhoft and Cheryl Baumgartner—Nebraska; Scott Schroeder—Minnesota; Lauri Clark Strait—Washington.

Leaders: Penny Kujawinski 77t, 383; Donal Ziegenbien 274t, 278b; Henry Schuman 480, 498; Mary Lou Van Laanen 213b, 540; Jeffrey Bell 163t, 50b; Charles Scudder 479, 503.


Jon Pearson brought the class to order leading 497 and 368. Leaders: Jacob Pearson and Alice Love 551; Paul Lindholm 385b, 335; Aura Lee Furgason 47b, 282; Jim Solheim 384, 328; Judi Duerr 86, 146; Sharla Hulsey 189, 72b; Mary Lou Van Laanen 361, 454; Jim Wood and Kathy Wood 475; Penny Kujawinski 472; Henry Schuman 318.

Announcements were made. Jenni Wallace-Grate led 347 as the closing song, and Sandra Squires dismissed the class with prayer.

Chair—Jenni Wallace-Grate; Secretary—Jon Pearson.