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Chicago Anniversary Singing

Irish American Heritage Center, Chicago, Illinois

Sunday, January 9, 2005

The twentieth Anniversary Singing of the Chicago Sacred Harp Singers was called to order by Chair Cathryn Baker leading 114. Jim Swanson offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Megan Jennings 71; Jim Swanson 40; Randy Neufeld 32t; Clare Cardy 142; Nick Pasqual 38t; Peter Bradley 178; Jo Dell Albi 131t; Wally Bloch 146; Johanna Fabke 122; Anne Heider 362; Steve Levine 496; John Greven 217; Carol Crawford 61; Doug Stapleton 299.

A business meeting was held, and the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chair—Megan Jennings; Co-Vice Chairs—Anne Heider and Steve Warner; Secretary—Cathryn Baker; Chaplain—Herb Schroeder; Finance Committee—Randy Neufeld; Memorial Committee—Marcia Johnson and Sam Sommers; Arranging Committee—Karen Freund, Ted Mercer, Kiri Miller, and Henry Schuman; Resolutions—Jim Swanson.

Leaders: Bill Beverly 86; Scott Schroeder 479; Patricia Doss 411.


Chair Megan Jennings called the class back to order leading 29t. Leaders: Rachel Adelstein 198; Suzanne Flandreau 474; James Page “Maquoketa New”; Kiri Miller 383; Edward Thomas 76b; Steve Warner 566; Lisa Grayson 377; Steve Parker 99; Julie Vea 434; Ted Johnson “Doleful Sound”; Martha Beverly 274 (t? b?); Gary Gronau 430; Lisa Cohen 148; Jerry Enright 176t (for Kelly Beard).


The class resumed singing with Herb Schroeder leading 128. Leaders: Jim Crawford 107; Ann Miczulski 66.

Sam Sommers and Marcia Johnson conducted a very moving memorial lesson about the heritage of singing in memory of the deceased, and then led 547. Marcia Johnson read the names of the deceased remembered: Jeff Perkings and Betty Dickey—Indiana; Ila Nucio, Ruth Kellam, and Bertha Hoeflin—Illinois; Phyllis Flandreau—New York; Ruty Cole and Mildred Segal—California; Kenneth Russell—Pennsylvania; Arthur Burtis and Robert Martin—New Jersey; David Van Allen Hataling—Washington; Doug Anthony—Montana; Paul Blake—Michigan; Ronnie Meadows—Alabama; Marshall Avery—Georgia; Roberta Seaton—England.

Sam Sommers spoke of the sick and shut-ins and the importance of our remembering those on the list, and others whose names are not listed: Violet Stark, Al Frank, and Bea Bonmon—Illinois; Doris Littrell—Tennessee; Nick Griffin and Violet Thomason—Georgia; Amanda Denson and John Hocutt—Alabama; Marjorie Burke—North Dakota; Mimi Greff—Washington; Nita Stephens—Minnesota; Harry Alred—Michigan; Kit Rich—Florida; Bob Scorgie and Bob Anderson—Wisconsin; Kelly Beard—Texas; Dean Slayton—Indiana. Herb Schroeder offered prayer to close the memorial.

Leaders: Jan Ketelle 372; Terry Hogg and LaMar Schlabach 131 (t? b?). Herb Schroeder offered grace for the noon meal.


Cathryn Baker called the class back to order leading 270, followed by Jim Helke leading 145t. Martha Beverly announced she had Pauline Childers on her cell phone. The class called out its greetings to Miss Pauline, and the next seven songs were led for her. Leaders: Melanie Hauff 288; Ginny Landgraf 428; Connie Karduck 498; Richard DeLong 336; Becky Browne 304; Judy Hauff 318; Ted Mercer 216; Paul Figura and his in-laws, Bill Komala and Karen Komala 510; Sam Sommers 112; Berkley Moore 240; Shirley Figura 503; Sam Farwell 191; Nathan Barford 260.


Steve Warner called the class back to order leading 84. Leaders: Lisa Eckersberg 48t; Marcia Johnson 163t; David Barford 344; Sue Kessell 455; Debbie Barford 368; Patricia Doss 419; Steve Parker 504.

The “Founders Lesson” followed. Marcia Johnson said that if they had seen 269 in the White Book, the original book from which the founders learned to sing, she would have sealed the book closed and never sung Sacred Harp again. In those days, before they all had glasses, since the words were not at all lined up with the notes, they had drawn lines so they would know which words to sing with which notes. It was like hieroglyphics. They sang many slow songs, and “Russia” was a particular favorite because it was easy. All of us have come a long way since that time. Ted Johnson, Marcia Johnson, Ted Mercer, Herb Schroeder, and Judy Hauff led 269 at a brisk pace.

Leaders: Kiri Miller 37b; Karen Freund 567; Jo Dell Albi 267; Steve Levine 164; Gary Gronau 192; Richard DeLong 448t.


Chair Megan Jennings brought the class back to order leading 36b. Leaders: Martha Beverly 71; David Stech “Do Not Go Gentle”; Mary Katherine Doyle 159; Becky Browne 201; Paul Figura and Shirley Figura 59; Bill Beverly 297.

A business meeting was held to hear reports from various committees.

The Finance Committee reported that donations had exceeded expenses.

The Secretary reported singers from Georgia, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

The Resolutions Committee gave their report. Thanks were extended to the officers and all committees, singers, visitors, The Irish American Heritage Center, those who brought food, and anyone who contributed in anyway to make this singing possible, with a resolve to return to this place on the second Sunday in January next year to sing again. The business meeting was closed.

Megan Jennings led 347 as the closing song. Herb Schroeder offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chair—Megan Jennings; Co-Vice Chairs—Anne Heider and Steve Warner; Secretary—Cathryn Baker.