Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Mr. and Mrs. Joe Myers and W.A. Parker Memorial

New Hope Primitive Baptist Church, Walker County, Alabama

Sunday, October 24, 2004

The annual Sacred Harp singing held in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Myers and W.A. Parker was held at New Hope Primitive Baptist Church in Walker County, Alabama on the fourth Sunday in October. Marlin Beasley call the class to order leading 327. Harrison Creel offered the morning prayer. Marlin Beasley welcomed everyone and led 31b.

The class was organized with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Marlin Beasley; Vice Chairman—Richard Mauldin; Secretary—Nora Parker; Arranging Committee—Sarah Smith.

Leaders: Marlin Beasley 87; Richard Mauldin 50b, 30t; Sarah Smith 75, 108t; Tom Padwa 145b, 71; Becky Briggs 336, 318; John Hyde 313t, 297; Joanne Devoe Padwa 47t, 146; Wilton Donaldson 229, 348b; Corene White 379, 403; Ottis Sides 378t, 480; Willodean Barton 145t; Clarence McCool 349, 68b.


The class reassembled with Marlin Beasley leading 317. Leaders: Larry Ballinger 316, 151; Linda Sides 328, 225t; Ivalene Donaldson 270; Ozella Blackmon 282, 72b (for John Hocutt, who is ill); Travis Keeton 76b, 426b; the class sang “Happy Birthday” for Travis Keeton, whose birthday is today; Josie Hyde 200, 361; Margaret Keeton 144, 365; Harrison Creel 498, 512; Amber Davis 402, 380; Ann Jett 141, 496; Ann Ballard 57, 421; Billy Williams 334, 189.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Richard Mauldin leading 276 and 235 (for Amanda Denson and other members of the Denson family). Leaders: Lisa Geist 384, 394; Judy Caudle 140, 272.

A memorial lesson was held with Nora Parker leading 36b and 299 in memory of W.A. Parker. She then asked Harrison Creel to lead 45t in memory of Ellen Parker Johnston. Marlice Ray led in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Myers. Jack Crocker led 345t and 454 in memory of Mr. F.L. Parnell who passed away in March of this year. Marlin Beasley led 318 in memory of Martha Myers Frederick, and for Elsie Beasley, who was not able to attend this singing. Latrive Bailey led 517 (WB).

Leaders: Elene Stovall 215, 430 (for John Hocutt); Will Allred 358, 196; Rachel Allred 428, 37b; Marie Guthrie 411, 220; “Happy Birthday” was sung for Marie Guthrie; Dorothea McCowan 460, 218 (for Elsie Beasley); Max Berueffy 532, 391; Caleb Allred 300, 335; Jennifer Allred 186, 214; Ila Ingle 436, 434; Susan Allred 319, 391; Danny Creel 322, 269; Gary Smith 565; Marlin Beasley 340 (in memory of F.L. Parnell, by request of his wife).

Marlin Beasley and Richard Mauldin led 475 as the closing song. Harrison Creel offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Marlin Beasley; Vice Chairman—Richard Mauldin; Secretary—Nora Parker.