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Illinois State Sacred Harp Convention

Decatur, Illinois

September 18-19, 2004

Saturday, September 18

The twentieth annual session of the Illinois State Sacred Harp Convention was opened by Berkley Moore leading 276. Don Baker offered the morning prayer, and then led 282.

The following officers and committees were previously elected and appointed: Chairman—Berkley Moore; Co-Chairman—Don Baker; Secretary—Janet Fraembs; Treasurer—Barbara A. Moore; Arranging—Barbara A. Moore, Berkley Moore, Pete Ellertsen, and James Page; Finance—Mark Graber; Food—Lori Graber; Memorial—Becky Browne and Lee Steinmetz; Resolutions—Marlen Rust; Steering Committee—Berkley Moore, Don Baker, Janet Fraembs, Becky Schildman, and Terry Hogg.

Leaders: Lori Graber 48 (t? b?); James Page 284; Pete Ellertsen 32t; David Rust 146; Joan Aldridge 222; Grace Scrimgeour 547; Penny Kujawinski 472; Ted Mercer 208; Samuel Sommers 386; Paul Figura 37t (MH); Lou Kujawinski 510; Shirley Figura 209; Dave Ressler 189; Megan Jennings 430; Marcia Johnson 218; Melanie Hauff 444; Ted Johnson 392; Judy Hauff 172; Ginny Landgraf 447.


Lori Graber brought the class back to order leading 540. Leaders: Janet Fraembs 532; Lee Steinmetz 68b; Terry Hogg 455; Berkley Moore 378b; Don Baker 82t; Lori Graber 330t; James Page “Berkley” (his own composition, with words by Berkley Moore); Dean Slaton 434; Grace Scrimgeour 287; Ted Mercer 215; Megan Jennings 542; Marcia Johnson 436; Melanie Hauff 216; Ted Johnson 419; Judy Hauff 368; David Rust 33b; Joan Aldridge 150; Penny Kujawinski 180; Samuel Sommers 112. Janet Fraembs asked the blessing on the noon meal.


Berkley Moore brought the class back together for the afternoon session leading 229. Leaders: Paul Figura 57b (MH); Lou Kujawinski 217; Teddy Thomas 76b; Shirley Figura 95; Dave Ressler 46b (MH); Ginny Landgraf 292; Lee Steinmetz 163b; Terry Hogg 454; Don Baker 312b; Lori Graber 228; James Page 45 (MH); Pete Ellertsen 89; Anne Sieck 324; Dean Slaton 211; Grace Scrimgeour 31t; Ted Mercer 81 (MH); Megan Jennings 480; Marcia Johnson 440.


The class resumed singing with Samuel Sommers leading 319. Leaders: Ted Johnson 383; David Rust 268; Melanie Hauff 105 (MH); Terry Cunningham 85; Judy Hauff 411; Joan Aldridge 142; Penny Kujawinski 384; Sam Sommers 316; Paul Figura 100 (MH); Lou Kujawinski 297; Shirley Figura 84; Dave Ressler 67; Ginny Landgraf 63t (MH); Lee Steinmetz 163b; Terry Hogg 361.


Ted Mercer led 150 (MH) to bring the class to order. Leaders: Megan Jennings 36b; Ted Johnson 536; Melanie Hauff 75 (MH); Teddy Thomas 146; Dean Slaton 460; Pete Ellertsen 179.

Berkley Moore led 62 as the closing song. Mark Graber offering the benediction, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, September 19

The Sunday session was called to order by Chair Berkley Moore leading 52t. Don Baker offered the morning prayer, then led 569 (t? b?).

Leaders: Janet Fraembs 421; Lori Graber 299; James Page 273; Dick Dunagan 36b; Terry Hogg 523; Presley Barker 116 (MH); Gary Gronau 283; Becky Browne 181; Val Dunagan 350; Karen Isbell 95 (MH); Don Bardsley 120; Ginny Landgraf 428; Lee Steinmetz 149; Samuel Sommers 422.


Presley Barker brought the class back to order leading 155. Leaders: Joan Aldridge 474; Dave Ressler 300; David Rust 35; Shirley Figura 335; Lou Kujawinski 53; Paul Figura 339; Penny Kujawinski 77t; Berkley Moore 146 (MH); Don Baker 56b; Lori Graber 71; James Page 57b (MH); Dick Dunagan 49b; Terry Hogg 43; Presley Barker 28b (MH); Gary Gronau 377; Becky Browne 192.


Chair Berkley Moore brought the class back in session leading 31t.

Becky Browne conducted the memorial lesson and led 348b for the deceased. She reminded us of the legacy we honor as we sing the memorial lesson and name the singers we have lost during the year. We are respecting the tradition and the entire Sacred Harp community as we carry on for them. Those remembered were: Lt. Col. John Henry Stein (son of Hazel Henry) and John E. Erickson—Illinois; Teresa Russell—Michigan; Allen Fannin—New York; Mildred Segal—California; David Hotaling—Washington; Arthur Burtis and Robert Martin—New Jersey; and the victims of the hurricanes in Florida.

Lee Steinmetz spoke for the sick and shut-ins, and then led 452 for: Bob Scorgie and Bob Anderson—Wisconsin; Ruth White, Vi Stark, Karen Hojnacki, and Dennis Miller—Illinois. Samuel Sommers closed the memorial lesson with prayer.


The afternoon session began with James Page leading 151. Leaders: Val Dunagan 475; Don Bardsley 373; Janet Fraembs and Dixie McGregor 143; Karen Isbell 216; Ginny Landgraf 351; Lissa Blood 82t; Lee Steinmetz 242; Samuel Sommers 24b; Joan Aldridge 540; Dave Ressler 448t; David Rust 327; Shirley Figura 503; Penny Kujawinski 217; Lou Kujawinski 477; Berkley Moore 114; Mike Veech 277; Lori Graber 504; James Page 148b (MH).


Presley Barker brought the class back to order leading 171. Leaders: Terry Hogg 212; Paul Figura 47b; Gary Gronau 496; Don Bardsley 268; Karen Isbell 270; Ginny Landgraf 564; Lissa Blood 145t; Samuel Sommers 548; Becky Browne 100 (MH); Lee Steinmetz 513; Joan Aldridge 198; Dave Ressler 86; David Rust 267; Shirley Figura 282; Penny Kujawinski and Lou Kujawinski 473.


The class resumed singing with Don Bardsley leading 99. Leaders: Gary Gronau 29t; Presley Barker 472.

The Resolutions Committee Report was presented by Marlen Rust.

The Resolutions Committee resolves to:

  • Honor all those who began this Illinois State Convention 19 years ago, some of whom are here singing today;
  • Express our gratitude to all who have traveled from far and near to raise their voices in this place;
  • Thank all who have worked behind the scenes to make these 2 days a big event; for all the generous hospitality at the Saturday night social; Terry’s Hogg’s most helpful signs; and a special thanks to Lori and Mark Graber for their energies devoted to this occasion;
  • Be thankful to the Prime Mover who hungers and feasts with us, who more closely forms us into a family, for bringing us together to sing.

Following announcements, the class sang 347, and the class was dismissed with prayer by Don Baker.

Chair—Berkley Moore; Co-Chair—Don Baker; Secretary—Janet Fraembs.