Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Rivanna River All Day Singing

Charlottesville, Virginia

Saturday, September 11, 2004

The second Rivanna All Day Singing was called to order by John Alexander leading 171. Chaplain Hank Schutz offered the morning prayer.

A business meeting was held with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chair—John Alexander; Vice Chair—Kat Kinkade; Secretary—Beverly Oneida; Treasurer—Frances Schutz.

Leaders: Kat Kinkade 112; Beverly Oneida 86; Frances Schutz 178; Kevin Moreno 270; Tom Tucker 38b; Cathy Tucker 350; Stephen McMaster 32t; Blake Morris 148; Hank Schutz 503; Gail Doss 504; Beverly Oneida 192; Kevin Moreno 480; Kim Moreno 319; Kathy Manning 126; Leyland delRe 473; Kat Kinkade 383; Shayn Smulyan 421.


The singing resumed with Diane Ober leading 213 (t? b?). Leaders: Carol Myers 282; Hal Kunkel 528; Craig Baughn 66; Kelly Macklin 569t; John delRe 68b; Tim Slattery 415; John Alexander 47b; Diane Ober 288; Kate Galloway 340; Carly Goss 131b; Stephen McMaster 77b; Blake Morris 228; Hank Schutz 163b; Gail Doss 163t; Tom Tucker 441; Cathy Tucker 386.


The singing resumed with Bev Oneida leading 142. Leaders: Kevin Moreno 189; Kim Moreno 335; Kathy Manning 556; Hal Kunkel 49t; Leyland delRe 151; Kat Kinkade 368; Shayn Smulyan 332; Craig Baughn 566.

Gail Doss conducted the memorial lesson and led 326 in honor of the sick and shut-ins, and 176t in memory of the deceased.

The sick and shut-ins remembered were: Dianne Knippers, Mary DeNys, Carole Vance, Lynn, Elizabeth, Mary, and Ward—Virginia.

The deceased remembered were: Katherine Elder—Pennsylvania; Carin Pomeroy and Rosemary Johnson—Virginia; Mac Tarrou—Florida; Nancy Mulenex—Washington, D.C.; Capt. Andy Houghton and Gene Magee—Texas; Perley Langley and Joseph Talbot—Maine.

A special tribute was made for those who died in the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001, and for their families and loved ones. Gail Doss led 107 in their memory and honor. The memorial lesson was closed with prayer offered by Hank Schutz.

Leaders: Gillie Campbell 34b; Kelly Macklin 408 (by request); Tim Slattery 344; Carol Myers 235; Fred Beardsley 532; Mary Chris Harrison 71; Steven Sabol 133; John Alexander 49b; Kate Galloway 315; Carly Goss 29t; Blake Morris 73t; Hank Schutz 299; Gail Doss 135; Tom Tucker 430; Cathy Tucker 236; Bev Oneida 362; Kevin Moreno 276; Kim Moreno 448b; Kathy Manning 394; Leyland delRe 436; Kat Kinkade 131 (t? b?); Shayn Smulyan 384; Leyland delRe 160 (t? b?); Kelly Macklin 399t; John delRe 410t; Bev Oneida 454 (by request); Tim Slattery 300; Carol Myers 40; Fred Beardsley 513; Mary Chris Harrison 419; Steven Sabol 215; John Alexander 122; Blake Morris 179; Hank Schutz 313b; Gail Doss 540; Tom Tucker 448t; Cathy Tucker 144; Bev Oneida 351; Kevin Moreno 48t; Kim Moreno 497; Kathy Manning 196; Leyland delRe 317; Kat Kinkade 481.

John delRe gave resolutions thanking all officers, pitchers, and committees for their hard work.

John Alexander led 62 as the closing song. A closing prayer was offered by Hank Schutz, and the class was dismissed.

Chair—John Alexander; Vice Chair—Kat Kinkade; Secretary—Beverly Oneida—Secretary.