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“Connexion” All Day Singing

Boston University College of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts

Saturday, July 17, 2004

The first annual “Connexion” All-Day Singing at Boston University was held on Saturday before the third Sunday in July at the College of Fine Arts of Boston University, Room 167. The occasion marked the first year of weekly singings from “The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition” held at the University. Chairman Tom Malone offered words of welcome to visitors and singers, and called the class to order with 61.

Leaders: Sean Mannion 45t; D.J. Hatfield 37b; Susan Loucks 480; Charles Cofone 35; Joanna Lampert 34b; Melissa Gnibus 178; Lulu Yang 47t; Ian Smiley 413; Dan Hertzler 128; Leigh Tintle 299; Rania Neocleous 101t; Nicole Edgecomb 106; Robert Dove 535; Joanne DeVoe 484; Sean Mannion 68b.


Tom Malone called the class back to order with 452. Leaders: Tom Padwa 473; Bradford West 542; Carlos Kampff 146; Ken Mattsson 454; Lyra O’Brien 371; Liz Meitzler 245; Sally House 171; Matthew Wojcik 300; Nancy Reid 86; Bill Dunn 155; Kelly House 99; Lynne deBenedette 383; Rebecca Edwards 129; Hal Kunkel 179.

Nicole Edgecomb conducted the memorial lesson for those who have passed away during the last year, and led 163b in their memory. The deceased remembered were: Lisa Maisels, Marie Sidel, Marcelo Burjato, Elizabeth Roberts, Kristen Malone, Corey McFadden, Lynn Snyder, Doris Morganson, Laurette Wojcik, Howard Northrup, and Jennifer Pomfret.

Carlos Kampff led 316 in honor of the sick and shut-ins: Dean Slaton, Lynn Konowitz, Jean Mattson, Jane McGreal, and Carlton Edgecomb. The memorial was closed.

Leaders: Tom Malone 170; Sean Mannion 282; Susan Loucks 347. The midday prayer was offered by Dan Hertzler.


Vice Chair Leigh Tintle called the class to order with 49b. Leaders: Ian Smiley 198; Dan Hertzler 426b; Rosie Wojcik 440; Charles Cofone 66; Hal Kunkel 302; Leigh Tintle 189; Rachel Speer 430; Rebecca Edwards 107; Joanna Lampert 126; Melissa Gnibus 59; Lulu Yang 268; Rania Neocleous 332; Nicole Edgecomb 458; Robert Dove 344; Joanne DeVoe 327; Tom Padwa 569b; Bradford West 142.


Tom Malone called the class back with 493. Leaders: Carlos Kampff 287; Ken Mattsson 504; Lyra O’Brien 553; Liz Meitzler 148; Sally House 448t; Matt Wojcik 428; Nancy Reid 474; Bill Dunn 426t; Kelly House 186; Lynne deBenedette 203; Rebecca Edwards 29t; D.J. Hatfield 34t; Tom Malone 456.


Leigh Tintle called the class back to order with 52t. Leaders: Robert Dove 479; Ian Smiley 429; Rosie Wojcik 460; Bradford West 324; Dan Hertzler 235; Tom Padwa 91; Joanne DeVoe 31t; Rachel Speer 496; Lyra O’Brien 202; Matt Wojcik 30t; Nancy Reid 147 (t? b?); Bill Dunn 448b; Kelly House 76b; Lynne deBenedette 77t.

A business meeting was held. Treasurer Sean Mannion reported to the class that through the generous offerings, all expenses had been met.

All officers were retained and it was agreed to hold the singing again in a year’s time, but on the 4th Saturday of July to avoid a conflict with the singing in Quebec. End of business session.

Leaders: Rebecca Edwards 67; D.J. Hatfield 271 (t? b?), Carlos Kampff 47b; Nicole Edgecomb 275t; Lee Tintle 217; Rania Neocleous 379; Joanna Lampert 38b.

Announcements were made. Tom Malone led 528 and 414 as the closing songs. Nicole Edgecomb offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Tom Malone; Vice Chair—Leigh Tintle; Secretary—Joanna Lampert.