Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Anniversary Singing

Irish American Heritage Center, Chicage, Illinois

January 14, 1996

The all day singing in celebration of the twelfth anniversary of the Chicago Sacred Harp Singers began at 10:30 a.m. In the absence of the chairman, rising chairman Dean Slaton called the class to order leading songs on pages 42 and 107. Wendy Wahn led the opening prayer. Leaders: Sarah Davie 171; Daryl Mayberry 31b; Dave Ressler 201; Kris Richardson 217; Herb Schroeder 126; Jeanette Lowry 183; Dan Gibbons 215; Karen Hojnacki 340; Samuel Sommers 280; Carol Crawford 84; Keith Willard 108t; Ann Werthain 87; Melanie Hauff 216; Wendy Lee 59; John Bailey 313t; Anne Heider 287. The class organized by electing the following officers: Chairman—Dean Slaton; Vice Chairman—Anne Heider; Secretary—Nancy Hejna.


Dean Slaton called the class together leading song on page 195. The following committees were appointed: Memorial Committee—Pennie Thurman and Jerry Enright; Finance Committee—Melanie Hauff and Steven Levine; Arranging Committee—Steve Warner and Lisa Grayson. Leaders: Nancy Hejna 95; Steve Warner 479; Pennie Thurman 480; Dick Dunagan 146; Lisa Grayson 218; Steven Levine 515; Sue Kessell 304; Sam Farwell 442; David Barford 163 (t? b?); Beverley Enright 131 (t? b?); James Page 268; Ann Leucke 419; Terry Hogg 66; Connie Karduck 391; Tony Reeves 159; Wendy Wahn 501.


Ann Heider brought the afternoon session together leading song on page 40. Leaders: Julie Vea 192; Jerry Enright 300; Becky Browne 436; Ted Mercer 278b; Marcia Johnson 176 (t? b?); Richard DeLong 172, 362; Judy Hauff 187; Gary Gronau 163 (t? b?); Kathleen Kuiper 428; Ted Johnson “Marcia”; Jenny Willard 98; Debbie Barford 368; Duran Perkins 86; John Seaton 47t; Suzanne Flandreau 485.


The singing resumed with Dean Slaton leading song on page 112. The Founder’s Lesson followed with Phil Trier leading the song on page 85. Leaders: Nathan Barford and Emmy Barford 34b; Larry Nothwehr 37b. The memorial lesson was held at this time. Pennie Thurman spoke of the loss of many older singers, many of whose bodies were ravaged by age. Today we remember them in full voice, with bodies to match their spirits. We are not so much diminished by their deaths as we are strengthened by the knowledge that they are now singing in full voice in a hollow square around the throne. Richard DeLong urged us to remember that despite a committed and robust community of singers in the Chicago area, we are not invincible. He described ever dwindling numbers of singers in the south where many of the matriarchs and patriarchs of Sacred Harp singing have come to their journey’s end. We were reminded of the necessity to encourage and welcome new singers into the square. Richard DeLong then led song on page 229 in memory of the following deceased: Lee Cloud, George Boswell, Dewey Williams, Harold Smith, Terence McHugh, Ron Sager, Joe Halter, Aver Crider, Joe Beasley, R. C. Stanford, Hoyt Renfroe, Randolph Mincey, George Klein, Lessie Cates, Judy Bell, Jean Buck, Kelsey Rene Wootten, Mike Thundercloud, Natalie Weber, and Louis Blatt. We then remembered the following sick and shut-ins, in the hope that these songs would resonate in their hearts: Al Frank, Donna Acton, Cleo Hawkins, Bernice Embry, Alice Kuiper, Scott LaFrance, Lawrence Lavy, Virgil Phillips, Marie Davie, Dollie Hudgins, Eva Reeves. Connie Karduck led song on page 503 for them. Leaders: Kelly Brest VanKempen 335; Dan Havens 504; Val Dunagan 378b; D. J. Hatfield 106; Johanna Fabke 122; Paul Streeter 72b.


Steve Warner brought the class together leading song on page 148. Leaders: Patrina Patti 189; Dan Morse 506; Meg Papadolias 232; Jim Crawford 408; Becky Browne and Gary Gronau 137; Steven Levine 475; Sarah Davie 384; Dave Ressler 411; Jeanette Lowry 448t; Richard DeLong 345b; Jenny and Keith Willard 145b; Samuel Sommers 222; Phillip Trier 53; Judy Hauff 347. Dean Slaton and Anne Heider led the closing song on page 62. Herb Schroeder dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Dean Slaton; Vice Chairman—Anne Heider; Secretary—Nancy Hejna.